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Megan E. Aaron The Relationship Between Athlete Attachment Style with Coaches and Disordered Eating and Body Image in Division III Collegiate Athletes
Emma V. Anderson Testing social comparison theory: Impact of ethnicity on body esteem in relation to Instagram fitspiration images
Grace E. Baginski Mind Over Matter: A Systematic Review of the Role of Pain Neuroscience Education in the Treatment of Chronic Pain
Sarah M. Brammell Parent Physical Illness During Childhood and Young Adult Mental Health Outcomes
Brock L. Brumfield The Impact of Compliance and Internalization on False Confessions
Stephen J. Cullinan Classically Conditioning Morphine Response Profile to Reduce Behavioral Dependence Withdrawal in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
Paul A. Curbelo The effects of music on short-term recall and state anxiety
Zoey C. Dudek The Mediating Role of Adult Attachment in the Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms and Romantic Relational Aggression and Victimization
Alexus M. Fisk Examining the Relationship Between Stigmatized Identities and the College Experience
Avantae S. Gonzalez Psychopathologies and the Methods of Creative Art Therapy
Claire E. Henderson The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on First-Time Parents
William D. Kabazie A Review of the Current Practices of Interviewing and Deception Detection
Fenn M. Kathman How Victim Gender and Religious Identity Affects Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence
Lindsey E. Klingberg Statistics Anxiety as an Impediment to Statistics Literacy: Causes, Consequences, Remedies, and Implications
Jessica Kochik An Examination of Stigma on Opioid-Related Harm Reduction Strategies
Julia Lenahan Conditioned Food Preference of Unfamiliar Food in Female Rats
Sungwoo Moon A Systematic Review of Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregivers: Identification of The Burdens and Technical Assistive Tools
Sydnie T. Patton-Johnson The Effects of Chronic Stress, DHED, and Sex on Spatial Memory and Oxidative Stress
Senna A. Perelman The Role of Pets in Buffering Loneliness in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Alexis R. Pleskovitch Modification of “Scientist”: The Intersection Between Physics Education and Sense of Belonging
John D. Prentice A Review of Current Studies on Psilocybin to Treat Mental Disorders
Rachel L. Stephany The Relationship Between Instagram Usage, Self-Esteem, and Well-Being
Sophia I. Sunseri Statistical Understanding of Undergraduate Students
Patricia J. Todd The Effects of Dextroamphetamine on Conditioned Place Preference and Locomotion in a Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism
Margaret L. Todd Evidence for Olfactory Discrimination Deficits for Sexual Stimuli in a Valproic Acid Model of Autism: A Study on Sexual Behavior Deficits
Amelia J. Vasilko The Effects of Maternal Separation on Anxiety-Like Behaviors in Female Rats
Ashley P. Vitiello Effects of Glyphosate on Learned Behavior/Recognition Memory & Potential Sex Differences in Sprague Dawley Rats
Ela M. Williams Impact of Literature on Allegheny College Students Perceptions of Undocumented Immigrants


Lauren Akran The relationship between the media’s representation of Black males and their mental health and life
Hannah R. Brooks Dancing Toward Health with Dance/Movement Therapy: Utilizing the Mind-Body Connection in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
Nathan Bruner Effects of music stimulus on creative performance
Chloe F. Castle Psychological Distance, Emotion Regulation, Affect, and Action Intentions in Response to Climate Change
Rina H. Castro The Utilization of Mental Health Counseling Centers by Black Women at Predominantly White Institutions.
Shenglu Chen The social aspect of internet gaming disorder
Luigino M. Croce Examining Terror Management Theory’s (TMT) Impact on Perceived Competency, Warmth, and, Purity of Individual Sex Motivation
Alexandra Eager The Relationship Between Adolescent Substance Use and Parent Coping
Taylor R. Fossett Special Effects (SFX) Makeup & Hot Sauce: The Effects of Disgust on Aggression
Austin P. French College Student-Athletes Mental Health Literacy and Perceptions of Help-Seeking
Gina C. Furst Representing Suicide in Young Adult Literature: A Review of Suicidal Theory and Its Applications to Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon
Annamaria Gomez Does Activating Religious Identity Affect Cheating?
Josephine G. Hughes The Influence of Self-Talk Behaviors on Self-Efficacy in Collegiate Dancers
Keith D. Jamison The Other Side of Dark: Gendered-Colorism and Its Effects on Black and Latina Women at PWIs
Cameron A. Karnik Exploring Engagement as a Predictor of Willingness to Leave Allegheny College
Dorja Kovacevic Attitudes Towards Mental Health and Mental Health Treatment in The Republic of Croatia
Matthew J. Lazusky An Investigation into Classical Conditioning as a Mechanism to Replicate the Effects of Diazepam
Niya J. Legister Cinematography Displays of Colorism Affecting Black Women and Nonbinary Folx
Haley K. Lex Strive: The Development of a College Program for Former Foster Youth
Sarah A. Lipniskis Efficacy of Medium-Chain Triglyceride Diet in Reducing Anxiety-like Behaviors in the Sprague Dawley Rat
Tomoka Mano Exploring the Model Minority Myth Effect on Academic Performance and Mental Health
Janese A. Matos Exploration of Perspective of Privilege and Motivation for Activism on College Campuses
Madison N. Miller Implementing Universal Design for Learning into Classrooms and the Effect it has on Students with Learning Disabilities
Maxwell J. Nanney The Relationship between Social Media and Self-Esteem
Joplin P. Osgood The Effects of Parasocial Attraction and Attachment Styles on Permissive Sexual Attitudes
Emma G. Peterman The Correlation Between Prayer, Mindfulness, and Happiness
Troy J. Praisner PTSD, Suicidal Ideation, and Loving-Kindness Meditation: A Review of Literature of the Relationships Between Them
Chloe K. Rabold The Relationship Between Social Media Use, Attention-Seeking Behavior and Narcissism
Madison F. Riley The Relationship between COVID–19 Pandemic-Related Stress and Maladaptive Eating Behaviors During the Vaccine Era
Sophia M. Russell Child Maltreatment and Empathy in Allegheny College Students
Amian Sandhu The Impact of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Physiological and Psychological Health and Implications for Test Anxiety
Kyle J. Stallard Just Stay Focused: ADHD, Self-Esteem, ADHD, and Social Media Disorder in College Students
Precious Taylor-Forde Team Light Skin or Dark Skin: A Literary Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on Colorism and Self-Esteem Amongst the Black Diaspora
Ryleigh Trask The Influence of Social Media on Substance Use in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
Jessica L. Weston The Effect of Dopamine Antagonists on Morphine Preference in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Ava N. White Effects of Queer Media Representations on Queer People


Michela E. Bocchine The Effects of Brand Loyalty on Food Choices
Kyleigh F. Cason A Review of Media Progression and its Impact on Body Image Ideation and Disordered Eating Habits
Caitlyn Davis Relationship between social networks and mental health in autism spectrum disorder
Devin H. Gaffney Impact of the Body Project on DIII Female Student-Athlete Body Image and Depressive Symptoms
Alexandra N. Graf Food insecurity in the United States: Cultivating a reimagined food system through an analysis of policy deficiencies in relation to psychological and environmental implications
Audrey G. Hall Home Placement in Foster Children and Educational Outcomes
Sarah J. Lucas The Relationship Between Attachment Styles, ACE’s, and Mental Health in Emerging Adulthood
Baillie R. Mangus Understanding the neuropathology and treatment strategies of fibromyalgia
Madeline G. McClinchie The Impact of Coaching Feedback on DIII Athletes’ Body Image and Disordered Eating
Alexandria V. Miller Comparing Media Usage Trends to Attitudes About BDSM Practitioners
Elizabeth R. Naser Investigation of Social Emotional Regulation in Elementary Classrooms: What Research Shows and Teachers’ Experience Says about Emotional Regulation in the Classroom
Alexa M. Newman The relationship between false self-presentation and self-esteem in romantic relationships
Kyra N. Nielsen The Impact of Pronouns on International and Interpersonal Relationships
Noah H. Parker A Review of Athletic Coaching Styles: Developing Student-Athletes for Life After College
Hunter J. Pietrzycki eMASKulation? Masculinity and Predictors of Face-Mask Use
Halling D. Roosa The Relationship Between Test Anxiety and Performance in Individual vs. Collaborative Settings
Hannah B. Snyder Test Anxiety in Children: Developmental Factors and Possible Interventions
Kara G. Travers Perceptions of Digital Emotion Regulation Techniques During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Emma L. Wasko Misophonia’s Inability To Ignore: Assessing The Effects Of Aversive Auditory Stimuli On Attention


Jacelyn Alberts The Impact of Communication Savoring on Emotions Dependent upon Closeness in a Relationship
Daniel Basheer Narrative Type Effect on Transportation and Empathy
Cody Baumeister Social Media and Mental Health
Christopher Caviedes Hiring Multilingual Workers : An approach to increasing team performance in businesses
Daniella Clarke How does childhood emotional trauma affect attachment formation in male and female
Dominic Corona Effects of Central vs. Peripheral Estrogen Activity on Nicotine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference in Female Rats
Emily Cramer How a Competitive Environment Affects Performance in Athletes and Nonathletes
DaiQuan Day The Impact of Dance and Movement on one’s ability to demonstrate Sentiments
Bridgette Deeney Effects of Positive Self-Talk on Attention in Physically and Cognitively Depleted Soccer Athletes in a Skilled Endurance Task
Britani Ditch Exploring the impact and constraints of leisure air travel
Kelsey Evans Justifying Human Rights Violations by United States Allies in the Middle East
Miranda Farley The Effects of Curcumin on Learning, Memory, and Neurogenesis in the Sprague Dawley Rat
Michelle Fitzsimmons The Effects of Reality Television on the Viewers’ Self-Esteem
Lawrence Han Contextualizing Impostor Phenomenon Through Cultural Factors and Self-Handicapping
Stephanie Harrington A Analysis of Perceived Stress and Eating Attitudes Among Female Undergraduate Students
Tucker Harvey A Prenatal Immune Activation and Adolescent Stress Model of Schizophrenia: Effects on Cognitive Performance, Addiction Susceptibility, and GABA Signaling
Alyssa Johnson The Effects of Participation in Theatre Activities on Social Confidence in Children in Grades Two and Three
Ethan Kershner Effects of Prophylactic Ketamine on Immunostressor-Induced Depression-Like Behaviors in Rodents
Megan Keruskin Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids On Prenatally Stressed Sprague-Dawley Rats: Anxiety and Depressive-Like Behaviors
Carolyn Kirby Boys Don’t Cry; They Man Up: Studying the Effects of Expressions of Vulnerability on Compensatory (Hyper)Masculine Behaviors
Shelby Klingensmith Impact of Imaginative Play on Empathy in Adults
Aliza Legg Investigation of Protocols for Students with Dyslexia Learning a Foreign Language
Brionna Litwin Athletes Confidence Difference in Individual Sports Within Collegiate Athletics
Rachel Lynn Performing Gender, Performing Arts: An Analysis of Homophobic and Traditional Gender Ideologies Surrounding Men in Dance
Adam Muncaster Colorism as it Affects Youth Performances and Trajectories
Jamie Myers The Bidirectional Relationship Between Perceived Stress, Mood, and Gastrointestinal Health
Cameron Neiblum Fairytale Warnings to Real World Disasters: Effects of “WALL-E” on Environmental Attitudes and Recycling  Behavior
Devin Nelson Some Behavioral Consequences of Lead Exposure to Rats Performing Under an IRT>t Schedule of Food Presentation
Cassie O’Brien Shoes That Can No Longer Be Filled: Parentification as a Mediator Between First-Generation College Student Status and Family Achievement Guilt
Kathrine O’Kelley The Effect of Empathy on One’s Ability to Detect Deception
Urszula Oszczapinska Not so out of touch: A behavioral report on the cross-modal interaction between auditory and tactile perception
Jessica Parkinson How Much “Weight” Can A Blanket Have on Sleep?
Elise Rangru The Effect of Light Therapy on Depressive Symptoms and Academic Performance in College Students
Jackson Sandusky The Effect of Pressure on Find and Gross Motor Task Performance
Austin Shaffer The Effect of Biological Explanations of Mental Illness on Professional Help-Seeking
Samantha Sitarik Public Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrated by Males Versus Females
Abigail Smith Schizophrenia
Darrin Smock The Acute Effects of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) on Mood and Anxiety in College Students
Jillian Stiver Does 300mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) Impact Actigraphic Sleep Measurements or Sleep Self-Appraisal in Young Adults?
Essence Suggs The Relationship between Problematic Smartphone Use, Life Satisfaction, and Empathy
Mark Volpe The Effects of Environmental Enrichment and Oxytocin on Autism Using a Valproic Acid Model
Alexus Wright The Black Experience In Contemporary America
Emma Xie Sub-Chronic Ketamine Rodent Model of Schizophrenia: Examination under the Attentional Set-Shifting and Negative Geotaxis Tests


Baneen Al-Akashi How does identity confusion female Arab-Americans correlate with their level of self-esteem?
Delaney Arbore Effectiveness of Behavioral vs. Cognitive Sources of Sport-Confidence in Athletes
Brianna Ashley Resilience as a Mediator of Hopelessness and Heavy Drinking
Lauren Canose The Stress Burden of Single-Parenting Associated with Low-Quality Sleep in School-Aged Children
Rohan Doherty Nomophobia and Smartphone Separation in Young Adults
Gabrielle Griffin-Maya Do they all “look alike” to you? The relationship between implicit associations and own-race bias.
Barak Levin Handgrip Strength Disparity (HGD) Is Not Correlated with Higher Sleep Quality
Kala Mahen A Hot Topic: The Effects of a Peripheral Heat Source on Sleep Satisfaction in Healthy Young Adults
Liam McKersie The Effect of Perceived Coaching Styles on the Sense of Team Cohesion
Michelle Mota Paulino The Effects of Coloring on Sad Mood
Faith Riegel Pero que son la “Memoria, verdad y justicia?”: Narratives and Ideology in the Memorialization of the Argentine “Dirty War”
Sydney Scandale SART Difficulty has no Effect on Intentional Mind Wandering or Autobiographical Planning
Michael Siegel Acute intake of B. longum probiotic does not significantly reduce perceived stress, anxiety, depression, and GI activity
Kristopher Smeal The Effects of the Color Red on the Initial Perception of a Person’s Overall Trustworthiness
Jocelyn Steffan Reasons for Exercise and Body Satisfaction in College Students
Spencer Subega Big Five Personality Traits in Relationship to Identity
Baylee Tarnowski An Assessment of General Resilience and Academic Resilience in College Student Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
Vanessa Thomas Emoji as Compound Discriminative Stimuli for Text Messaging Behavior
Meghan Uht Adverse Childhood Experiences Do Not Predict Risky Decision Making in Young Adults
Jessica Valerino The effects of poly IC and adolescent stress on reversal learning and acquisition of place preference in Sprague Dawley rats
Katherine Way The Effects of Prenatal Bumetanide and Oxytocin Administration on the Sociability and Perseveration Behaviors Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cody Wendt Impact of Extended Time on Test Performance in College Students
Stephanie Wilczynski A Double-Blind Study on The Effect of Dextrose on Ego Depletion and Unethical Behavior


Courteney Bender Emotional Awareness Levels in Students with Varying Studio Art Training through Art Therapy
Alyssa Bruno The Relationship between Body Image, Body Shaming, and Social Support in Pregnant Women
Nathan Coffman Online Civic Styles, Political Apathy, and Political Efficacy
Joseph Crouse The Effects of Smartphone Applications on Anxiety Symptoms in College Students
Allyson Cujas Calming Cubes: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Object Fidgeting on Cognitive Function and Cardiovascular Reactivity To Cognitive Stress in College Students
Caitlin Driscoll An Exploration of LGBTQ+ Individuals, Norms, Emotions and Their Emotional Expression
Stella Goodworth Creative Fiction Writing in Scriptotherapy: Effects on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
Ashley King The Fight to be Unapologetically Fat: How Internalization of Weight Bias Impacts Psychological Well-Being of Plus Size Adults
Elizabeth Kroemer The Relationship Between Introversion/Extraversion and Fatigue in Undergraduate Students
Alyssa Lisle Consistency of Sexual Orientation and Depressive Symptoms
Bolan Marshall-Hallmark Shocked: Electroconvulsive Treatment at the crossroads between Artistic Representation and Medical Reality
Andrew Murphy Examining the Relationship Between Adjustment, Mattering, and Athletic Participation in First-Year Students at Small, Division III Institution
Kierra Price The Ambition Gap: The Effect of Stereotype Threat and Women in Politics
Falena Rotzell Pre-instruction in Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Cases
Sarah Shaheen The Effect of Hearing a Foreign Language on Willingness to Communicate
Natasia Sholder Rats as Art Critics: An Investigation of Stimulus Discrimination in Art
Alexandria Shreffler Adoption of New Urbanism in Oil City, Pennsylvania: A combined Community and GIS analysis
Kayla Smith Yoga Nidra Decreases Anxious Terms and Increases Non-Anxious term scores on the State Trait Anxiety Inventory Scores in College Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Daphne Snyder A New Outlook on Stress: A Randomized Control Trial of Stress Reappraisal Training
Christina Yodis Body Image in Female Collegiate Athletes: The Effect of Instagram Fitness Pages on Body Satisfaction
Jessica Zavolta An Acute Randomized Controlled Trial of Tart Cherry on Sleep and Anxiety in College Students


Travis Banks The Effect of COX-2 and FAAH Inhibition on WIN 55,212-2 Induced Spatial Memory Deficits
Rachel Baum Social Views, Familiarity, and Mental Illness
Colleen Bodnar Glial and apoptosis modulation following in a modified controlled cortical impact (CCI) model in juvenile male rats
Eleni Brown The Effects of Priming on College Students’ Attitudes Towards Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Theresa Buczek Perception of Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)
Benjamin Capella Comparative Effects of Propentofylline and Microglia Inhibiting Gliosis Potentially Limiting Neuronal Damage
Francesca Carra Acute Supplementation with a Multistrain and Multispecies Probiotic Does Not Improve Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Depression and Anxiety in Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Maggie Colicchio A Randomized Controlled Trail of Ujjayi Breath and Paced Breath has no Effect on Cardiovascular Reactivity to Mental Stress in Young Adults
Emily Cronizer Minocycline and Propentofylline as Treatment for BACE1 Mice through Inhibition of Astrocyte and Microglia Proliferation
Olivia Dack 17-β Estradiol Attenuates Inflammatory Mediators in Ovariectomized Rodents after Traumatic Brain Injury
Henry Ditzel Socioeconomic Status and Effort Levels
Bria Dorsainvil Early Family Relationships & College Students’ Perceptions of Ideal Romantic Partners
Christina Ecker Blackout Drinking among College Students: What are the Effects of Intervention?
Sarah Eidbo Anesthetic Effects of 2-Heptanone versus Lidocaine in Crayfish Peripheral Nervous System
Kristen Filaski Attitudes Of Former Prisoners Towards Mental Health Treatment Programs In Prison
Colleen Fleming Prenatal Immune Activation as a Model for Cocaine Sensitivity, Social Deficits, and Impairments in Attentional Set Shift Reversal Learning in Schizophrenia
Meaghan Gilbert Bumetanide Effects on the VPA Model of Autism: Neuroanatomy of the Superior Olivary Complex
Courtney Jones Does Increased Awareness Promote Slow Fashion? The Effect of Providing Product Information on Consumer Perceptions
Nina Kikel Probiotic Use and Theory of Mind: More Questions than Answers
Erin Lafferty The Relationship Between Instagram Use and Depression Symptoms
Emma MacNeille A Short Term Trial of Regulated Sleep and its Impact on Memory Consolidation in College Students with Depressive Symptoms
Zachary Matuch Effects of Dietary Selenium on Reproductive Behavior and Edema in Pimephales promelas
John McFarland Placebo Effect of Ergogenic Aids on Performance and Mood
Shanna McGowan Hyperglycemic in utero conditions in C57 BL/6 mice as a risk factor in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Patricia McIntosh Mental Health Literacy of OCD and OCPD in a Rural Area
Joseph Meyer Acute Effects of Postnatal Bumetanide Administration in Valproic Acid (VPA) Induced Model of Rodent Autism
Michael Neville The Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Student GPA at Allegheny College
William Paden The Role of the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala in Avoidance Behavior Expression in the Valproic Acid Model of Autism
Ashley Potofsky Reasons for Abstaining from or Limiting Alcohol Consumption on Specific Occasions among College Students
Zarian Prenatt The Effects of Lavender Aromatherapy on Sleep Quality in College Students with Insomnia Symptoms
Olivia Reindl Rape Myths and their Acceptance Over Time
James Rivera Chronic Treatment of Propentofylline May Reduce Fetal Graft Survival in 6-OHDA Rats
Elizabeth Sever An Acute Double Blind Trial of a Multispecies and Multi-strain Probiotic has no Effect on Anxiety, Perceived Stress, or Cardiovascular Reactivity to Acute Mental Stress in Young Adults
Keith Shawley The Existence and Strength of Social Stigmas on Illicit Drug Users, Held by Peers Around Them
Emily Spuhler Investigating Divergent thinking in Those With Cerebral Palsy and Autism
Leah Thirkill an examination of the correlational relationship between social context, motivation, and foreign language learning proficiency
Benjamin Thomas Active Processing of Musical Mnemonics and their effect on Verbal Memory in Young Adults
Michaela Thompson In the Eye of the Beholder: Examining the Type of Information Perceived in Facial Expressions
Natasha Torrence More than just a Pet Peeve: The Possible Cardiovascular Repercussion of Misophonic Symptoms
Dylan Ukasik The Effects of Prenatal Bumetanide and Testosterone on Pilocarpine Induced Seizures in Castrated VPA Sprague Dawley Rats
Randall Violette Development of a Scale Measuring Willingness to be Vulnerable
Nadiya Wahl Ancient wisdom, modern science: An empirical look into chakra meditation
Kayla Waltman The Relationship between Maladaptive Perfectionism, Emotion-Focused Coping Mechanisms, and Satisfaction with Life in Undergraduate College Students
Jaisa Watkins Determining the Characteristics of a Successful Adoption: Through the Lens of Attachment Theory
Lora Waybright From Gut Microbiota to Macro-level Influences: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Statistically Reported Prevalence of Depression with an Acute, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of a Daily Multi-Species, Multi-Strain Probiotic Examining Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults
Mikayla Wobrak Narrating Homelessness: Using Narrative Perspective-Taking to Induce Compassion for a Stigmatized Group


Nicholas Allen An Analysis of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and its Effect on Charitability
Adrienne Arrow The Relationship Between Black Racial Identity and Perfectionism
McKenzie Bell The Effect of Competitiveness on Student-Athletes’ and Non-Athletes’ Drinking Behaviors
Devon Bradford Creating An Effective Argument in PowerPoint:Evaluating the Assertion Evidence Approach
Stephanie Carson Product Reliability and Race: The Effects of Person Perception on Product Perception
Katelyn Cassel Behavioral and Cellular Effects of a Short-Term High-Fat Diet on a Unilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Caroline Cooper Acetaminophen Intake as a Detached Coping Mechanism in College Students
Laura Cottington The Effect of Frustration on Unethical Behavior
Alexis Crump The Role of Estrogen in the Neurodegenerative Disorder Alzheimer’s in the Female Rat.
Vy Dang Intercultural Friendship Formation: The Effect of the Interpersonal Closeness Paradigm on Enhancing Interpersonal Closeness
Kathryn Denning Situated theory of mind: The importance of situational context when mind reading
Joseph DeSanti Branding Effect on Athletic Performance
Emily Dodge Does Studying Abroad Affect Cultural Empathy and Environmental Attitudes Among Allegheny College Students?
Alexandra Fawcett Parental Risky Behavior, Childhood Family Environment and College Students’ Optimism
Kaitlyn Fromknecht One 650-mg Dose of Acetaminophen Does Not Reduce Social Pain in Young Adults: Results from a Randomized and Placebo Controlled Trial
Jillian Gallatin The Effects of Estrogen on an AF64A Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Laura Holesh A Randomized-controlled and Placebo-controlled Trial: Does the Acute use of Probiotic Supplements Influence Mood on those with Mild to Severe Depression?
Courtney James Theatre of the Oppressed: A Resource for Middle School Aged Children
Bethany Jamison The Effects of Music Tempo on Selective Attention
Warren Keck The Effect of Background Music on Task Performance in College Students
Kiarra Little Stemming the Achievement Gap: A STEM Pipeline for Underrepresented Minorities
Alyxandra Mance #BodyGoals: The Impact of Instagram on Collegiate Women’s Body Image
Kathryn McMurray The Effects of Phencyclidine and Haloperidol on Schizophrenic-like Symptoms and Behavior in Sprague Dawley Rats
Clara Moller Depression, Perceived Stress, and Cardiovascular Stress Reactivity: The Effect of Early Life Pathogen Exposure
Joshua Mongillo The Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Scene Complexity on Change Detection Performance
Eliza Morgan Studying Abroad and Creativity
Trista Musich Investigating the N170 Adaptation Effect of Perceived and Imagined Famous Faces: A Partial Replication
Abigail Niklaus An Analysis of Hook-Up Culture and Young People’s Attitudes Towards Long-Term Commitment
Eamon Olsa Acute Probiotic use Does Not Reduce Cardiovascular Reactivity to a Mental Stress Task or Improve Gastrointestinal Health in Young Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blinded and Placebo-Controlled Trial
Emma Pellicano Relationship Between Athlete Personality Traits and Preferred Coaching Behaviors at the NCAA Division III Level
Alyssa Rapelje Does Early Life Pathogen Exposure Reduce Cardiovascular Reactivity to Mental Stress?
Emily Rigotti The Effects of Gender and Vignette Priming on Attitudes Toward Rape Victims
Allyson Roach The Influence of Exposure to Organic Product on Immoral Behavior
Katherine Roach The Behavioral Effects of Bumetanide on the Valproic Acid Animal Model of Autism
Alyssa Schneider Exploring the experience of heroin and opioid users in a rural area
Kali Schneider The Effect of Positive Reinforcement on Free Throw Shot Accuracy in Basketball
Lakiea Simmons The Relationship between Perfectionism, Alcohol Consumption, and Academic Motivation in Undergraduate Students
Hayden Smith A Randomized Controlled Trial of Otolithic Vestibular Stimulation During a Daytime Sleep Period on Cognitive Performance in Young Adults
Rose So Relationship Between Body Dissatisfaction and Mate Value
Sarah Stanko The Relationship Between the Effects of Prenatal Valproic Acid Exposure and Bilateral Amygdala Lesions to the Medial, Central, and Basolateral Nuclei in Sprague Dawley Rats
Christina Tindall There is no relationship of perceived pain and cardiovascular reactivity to acute psychological stress
Meghan Veglia The Effects of Media Portrayals on Female Viewers: The Superwoman Ideal
Jordan White Interpersonal Trust Amongst Urban and Rural Individuals
Hannah Wilhoite Exploring the Relationship between Undergraduate Literacy Tutors and Their Elementary Age Students as Depicted by Intended College Major
Makenzie Zidek An Acute 1-Week Trial of Mindfulness Training in Division III College Athletes: Influences on Perceived Stress and Athletic Performance


Annie Altman The Effect of Socialization Factors on Empathizing and Systemizing Traits in College Students
Haylee Andrews A Randomized Controlled Trial of Sleep Schedule Regularization: Sleep Regularization Results in Quicker Reaction Times on a Dot-Probe Task
Trevor Barr The VPA Model of Autism and Effects on Avoidance Learning in Adult Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
Kathryn Broeren Concussion History Does Not Influence Cardiovascular Stress Reactivity
Kathryn Brong The Relationship between Personality Facets, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mobile Phone Use and Attitudes
Shana Burns Effects of Fairy Tales on Responses to Morality from Boys and Girls
Sarah Carlson The Effect of Gender Bias on Aesthetic Preference for 2D Visual Art
Emily Christ Effects of Animal Interaction on (Dis)Honesty
Rebecca Cohen The Effect of Chronic and Acute Stress on College Students’ Unethical Behaviors
Nicole Coogan The Effects of Volunteerism on Identification with all Humanity
Perri Corsello The Effects of 8-OH-DPAT on Behavior and Cell Proliferation in the Basal Ganglia of 6-OHDA Hemiparkinsonian Rats
Alexandra Cristofoletti The Effect of Musical Tempo on Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Reactivity in the Presence of Stress
Matthew DeMichiei The Effect of Situational Power on Discrimination Against Convicted Felons
Chloe Donohue Authentic Movement, Music, and Current Mood State
Taesha Foster Retail Therapy and Its Relationship to Self-esteem and Self-efficacy in Female College Students
Breana Gallagher Does listening to music affect performance on visuospatial and language-comprehension tasks differently between musicians and non-musicians?
Rebecca Gallup An Acute RCT of Loving-Kindness Meditation and Its Effects on Identification with All Humanity and Unethical Behavior
Chelsey Gooch Nicotine’s Effect on Symptoms in Phencyclidine Model of Schizophrenia in Rats
Andre Green The Effect of The Autism Phenotype and God Image on Moral Reasoning
Brittany Griffith A Study of the Effects of Modern Racism and the Absence of Religion in Social Movement Organization
Adam Herman Effects of Music, Genre, and Lyrical Content on Aggressive Behavior
Greta Hilbrands Examining the Link Between Problematic Internet use, Traits of Autism, and Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders
Robert Jackelen How Cognitive Load Affects Spatial Working Memory Performance in Video Game Players and Non- Video Game Players
Matthew Jankowiak Can Mood And Race Affect College Students’ Views In A Controversial Court Case?
Aviv Lang Adjusting the Prism: Testing the Anchoring Effects of Color
Veronica Lang Academic Cheating at Allegheny College: An Analysis of the Major Factors Influencing Students’ Decision to Cheat
Andrea Leon Solitary Drinking Across Different Age Groups
Sara Marchello Acute Light Therapy does not Elicit Increased Cardiovascular Stress Reactivity in Young Adults with Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder
Emily Marecic College Students’ Perceptions of Dating Violence
Nicole Masters Experiences of physical and emotional abuse are associated with blunted cardiovascular reactions to psychological stress
Maura Matvey The Effect of Accent Prejudice on Subjective Well-Being of Non-Native English Speakers
Morgan Mechlenburg Effects of Caffeine on the Rate of Change Detection
Nia Miller How Race Affects College Students’ Perceptions of Transgender Women
Kathryn Mohan “How are you doing?”: An in-depth look at advanced theory of mind, sub-clinical traits of autism, and social acting among college students
Marisol Moreno The Use of Video Games To Improve Reaction Time
Charles Mosca Sound Induced Meditation on Beginning and Non-Meditators
Christopher Muise Traits Associated with Autism and Demonstration of Social Cognition
Meghan Murphy The Effects of Karma on Moral Decision Making Using a Ticket Allocation Paradigm
Caitlin Nealer An Analysis of the Effects of Gender on Underhand and Overhand Throwing Velocity in Collegiate Baseball and Softball Players
Katelyn Nicewander Lavender Essential Oil Aromatherapy Does Not Reduce Cardiovascular Reactions to Acute Psychological Stress in the Laboratory: Results from a Preliminary Randomized Control Trial
Gavin Nirmaier Effects of Exercise and Humor on Mood
Cameron Olson The Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy, and Playing Time in Collegiate Soccer Players
Kaleigh O’Rourke Impaired Systolic Blood Pressure Recovery from Acute Psychological Stress in Young Women with Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors
Yazmin Pena The correlation between personality traits on the ability to distinguish conveyed emotion in non-native music
Tyler Prinkey Linguistic Families: The Effect of Language on Attribution of Culpability and its Influence on Foreign Language Education
Rachel Raczynski YOU’VE GOT MAIL: The Influence of All-caps Font Type “Shouting” in E-mail
Katie Ranker Gender Effects on Judgment of Infidelity in Heterosexual Monogamous Relationships
Christian Reese The Impact of Moral Licensing on Consumer Choice
Erica Restich Cross-cultural study of the professional workforce in Sweden and the United States, with a focus on the influence of lagom in Sweden
Mia Scalzitti The Effects of Pornography on Objectification of Women
Marina Scarantino The Effect of Body Image on Food Preference and Choice in Student Athletes
Shannen Segiel Effect of Athletic Competition Level on Well-Being
Ryan Spinelli The Effects of Anxiety and Nicotine on a Cognitive Task
Matthew Turner Effect Of Variety Of English On L2 Vocabulary Cued-Recall Task And Attitudes Of Novel Learners
Westley (Spencer) Vicente College Students’ Perception of Intimate Partner Violence in Gay Couples
Stephanie Von Ahnen The Effects of Professors’ Verbal Behavior on Students’ Attitudes and Performance


Alexander Alnajada Positive Stereotypes And Their Effect On Anxiety And Performance In College Students
Abbey Astley The Effect Of Exercise Mirrors And Gender On Self Presentational Efficacy And State Social Anxiety
Stephanie Bongiorno Let’s Talk About Sex Baby: Sexual Regret And Liberal/Conservative Attitudes Towards Sex
Kristina Brink Influential Factors On Consumer Food Choices And Nutrition Literacy In College Students
Corey Carlson A Genetic Prisoner’s Dilemma
Jesse Carlson Non-Medical Prescription Nootropic Use Among Undergraduate Students Is Predicted By Symptomology Consistent With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Social Fraternity/Sorority Membership, And Past Substance Use
Tim Casto A Genetic Algorithm Approach To Modeling Fixations On Advertisements
Amber Chaudhry Self-Regulation And Parenting Style: Is There A Correlation Amongst College Students?
Emily Cherry Effects Of Dance And Movement Group Practice And Performance On Perceived Self-Efficacy In The Creating Landscapes For Families Program
Michael Christiansen Pain-Elicited Aggression And Targeting In Sprague-Dawley Rats
Joel DeFelice Technological Advancement Of Video Games And Their Effects On Players’ Aggression
Dakota Dehn The Restorative Impacts Of Nature On Distributed Attention And Working Memory: An Eye-Tracking Analysis
Kelly Dickson Promoting The Power Of Green: The Effects Of Print Media On Connection To Nature And Psychological Well-Being
Alexandra DiPerna Birth Order, Personality Traits, And Their Influence In Interpersonal Relations
Ashley Drewry Relation Between Traits Associated With Autism And Reading Emotions In College Students
Jessica Duvall Look This Way: The Role Of Color Saturation In Advertisements
Megan Dykins Depression, Treatment And Outcome From Childhood To Adulthood
Megan Earley Reading Junot Díaz: An Interdisciplinary Project Involving The Effects Of Code-Switching On Narrative Transportation And Story-Consistent Beliefs
Justine Eicker The Relationship Between Experienced Parental Discipline And Endorsement Of Aggressive Discipline: Is Moral Disengagement A Mediator?
Emily Farr Music Language Familiarity And Reading Task Difficulty On Reading Comprehension
Alexandra Fortunato Amber-Tinted Glasses Do Not Counteract The Effects Of Technological Glow: A Study Of Sleep, Stress, Depression, And Late-Night Electronics Use
Saige Foster Technology In Education: The Effects Of Blogging Versus Note Taking On Information Recall
Eugenia Frank I Am Not An Island: How Mainstream Mental Health Care Fails Low-Income Women
Megan Frennier The Effect Of Media Awareness Skills On Body Perception Produced By Media
Victoria Grieshammer Desire And Dissatisfaction In Sister Carrie: The Gendered Process Of Consumption And Identity Formation
Daisy Guzman Where’s My Happily Ever After: A Retrospective Analysis Of Disney Princesses Impact On Childhood Beauty Standards And Current Racial Identity In Black Women La Complexidad De La Identidad Negra En La Literatura De Mayra Santos-Febres: La Virgen, La Intelectual Y La Prostituta
YingTing He Food Neophobia And Openness To Experience
James Heaton The Harmful Effects Of Advertising Aimed At Young Children
Michelle Holcomb Effects Of Perspective Taking On A Recognition Task Of Conceptually Related Tool Objects
Ashley Hollenback Domestic Violence Experience, Participant Sex, And The Acceptance Of Domestic Violence Myths In College Students
Meredith Jester The Unforeseen Consequences Of Removing Music Education From Us Public Schools
Jordan Johnson The Preferences Between Endogenous And Exogenous Opioids In Sprague Dawley Rats
Danielle Jones Condom Use Self-Efficacy, Perceptions Of Sexually Transmitted Disease And Physical Reminder Cues: Does Gender Matter?
Lydia Jones Labeling Bias And Its Relation To The Avoidance And Perceived Dangerousness Of Children With Conduct Disorder
Karen Kaye Violent Video Gaming Is A Predictor Of Depression, But Is Inversely Associated With Anxiety In Undergraduate Students.
Lynette Kehoe A Study Of Intuitive Eating And Mood In College Students
Lauren Klimczak Perfectionism Traits Among College Dancers Of Varying Styles
Maryls Kotyuk Dispositional Mindfulness And Cardiovascular Reactivity To Mental Stress
Caitlin Kraska Mode Of Presentation And Level Of Expertise On Perceptions Of Deception
Briana Kretz The Effects Of Rocking During A Daytime Sleep Period On Cognitive Performance In College-Aged Students
Lauren Krowitz Levels Of Athletic Involvement And Well-Being
Jake Kruger How Interruption During The Preparatory Phase Of A Cognitive Task Impacts Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, And Performance On The Stroop Task
Jacob Lasley Methylphenidate Intervention Delaying Impulsivity For Distal Goal Achievement
Amelia Lord The Relationship Between Two Non-Traditional Models Of Leadership Using The Leadership Beliefs Of College Students
Elizabeth Maholic Benevolent Sexism In Criminal Court Case Sentences And Perpetrator Attributions
Laurel McNish Social Stigma Of Mental Illness: Survey And Card Sorting Task
Jake Meyer Measuring Astrocyte Domains With Modified Golgi Staining Techniques In Post-Natal Brain Development Using An Aging Model Of Rats
Maria Miranda The Effects Of Ω-3 Fatty Acids On Development Of Hypertension In Stroke Prone Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Emalee Montgomery The Eden Alternative: A Developing Transformation Of The Nursing Home Model
Courtney Morando The Affect Of Personalization And Topic Type On A Recipients Response To An Email.
Leah Natali Acute Gluten Abstinence Improves Gastrointestinal Health But Not Brain Efficiency In Healthy Young Adults
Philippa Panayiotou A Little Help Ya’ll: The Effect Of Accent On Willingness To Help
Ben Perko Perfectionism And Cognitive Anxiety In Collegiate Varsity Athletes
Hannah Phillips Choroid Plexus Target-Based Therapy In Rats With Chronic Hydrocephalus: Use Of An Aquaporin-1 Antibody Treatment
Kendra Pilarski The Dose Dependent Effect Of Goal Attainment On Exercise And Mood And Its Relationship With Personality Traits
Victoria Pless Voluntary Recent Exercise Related To Depression And Cognitive Function In Undergraduate College Students
Prateek Poddar Student Attitudes Towards Marijuana Use And How They Change Over Four Years Of College
Alexa Porupsky The Effects Of A One Week Trial Of Mindfulness Meditation On Academic Procrastination In College Students
Elizabeth Ray The Effects Of Gonadal Hormone Status On Thermal Nociception In Sprague Dawley Rats
Vincent Reginella The Effects Of Cognitive Load Intensity On Rates Of Change Detection
Teagan Riehle Accuracy In Self-Report Of Body Weight: Impact Of Body Consciousness And Bmi
Erin Roby Behavioral Effects Of Mefloquine, Nmda, And Dissociative Anesthetics On Schedule-Controlled Responding In The Rat
Romy Schueller The Relationship Between Neo-Ffi Agreeableness Score And Vocal Accommodation In The Sexes
Cecilia Siegel Strength Of Religious Affiliation Increases Likelihood Of Engagement In Risky Sexual Behavior
Melanie Smith Exploring The Link Between Dispositional Traits And Patterns Of Volunteering
Sara St. Peter Behavioral Tolerance Of Methylphenidate In Rats
Leah Stefanelli The Relationship Between Religious Affiliation, Religious Orientation, And Preferred Types Of Community Service
Jordana Tenenbaum Link Between Parent’s Marital Quality And Offspring’s Potential To Self Disclose In Relationships
Zachary Wessel The Impact Of Interest And Choice On Learning And Affect
Molly White Art Participation And Mood In College Students
Rachel Wilcox Relationship Between Parental Educational Attainment, Perceived Control, And Diet Quality In Undergraduate Students
Sarah Wilhoit Effect Of History Of Unavoidable Aversive Stimulation On Effectiveness Of A Punishment Contingency In The Rat


Cody Benjamin Effect of CB1 Receptor Antagonist, AM251, on Plasma Corticosterone levels and Anxious Behavior in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Kaitlyn Bloom How do facets of personality as measured by the NEO PI-R correlate with level of distraction on a reading comprehension test taken while listening to popular music?
Jessica Brown The Awareness of Homelessness and Willingness to Help in Allegheny College Students
Morgan Clement Perceptions of Sleep Quality While Co-Sleeping.
Ian Colley The Role of the Amygdala in Conditioned Fear Response in an Animal Model of Autism
Heather Dinsmore The Relationship Between Physical Health and Body Image
Michele “Desiree” Evanson Entering the World of Comics: The Effects of Comic Type and Publishing Format on Reader Transportation, Perceived Realism, and Enjoyment
Rachel Ford The Effect of a Priming Statement on Readers’ Analyses of Philip Larkin’s “Aubade”
Kelly Gallagher The Personal Involvement of College Athletes with Sports Based Advertisements
Ryan Gleason Does Background Music Played in Supermarkets Actually Affect How We Buy Things?
Alexis Green Early Childhood Memories of Play Behavior and Sociability in Young Adult College Students
Kyle Greenberg The influence of pogonotrophy on male college students’ perceived masculinity
Victoria Grimm Effects of Isolation on Sprague-Dawley Rats’ Behavioral Responses during Extinction
Courtney Hagan The Effects of Mood and Object Placement on Change Blindness
Bushra Hashmi Methylphenidate as a Potential Treatment for the Restricted Repetitive Behaviors Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders using the VPA Animal Model of Autism
James Aaron Heberling Effects of Febrile Seizures on the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)
Charles Alexander Heberling The Effects of Housing Condition, Gender, and Naloxone Treatment on Heat Induced Tail Withdrawal Latencies in VPA Rats: The Animal Model of Autism
Fred Hintz The effect of mentally repeating “om” during meditation on mood, relaxation, and sense of a mystical experience.
Kara Izing The Effects of Smoking on Sleep Quality and Efficiency
Genevieve Johnson Examining testing protocol for positive symptoms of schizophrenia using the methylazoxymethanol acetate model of schizophrenia
Sophia Katz Effects of Therapy Dogs on College Students’ Anxiety Levels: Implications for use of “Courthouse Dogs”
Katherine Krackhardt The Effects of Creative Drama, Improvisation, and Devising Techniques on the Self-Esteem of Fourth and Fifth Grade at Risk Youth
Erin Kuhn The Effects of Caffeine on Anxiety in an Elevated Plus Maze
Randy Kulesza Effects of Prenatal Valproic Acid Exposure on Passive Avoidance in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Stephanie Lash Music Sophistication and Emotional Reactivity
Ana Massiello The Effects of Identity Salience and Tentative Language on Men’s Directed Gaze
Casey Mazzola The Association between Motor Laterality and Hair Whorl Direction in Equines
Dylan McCreary Optimizing Methods to Investigate the Regulation of BK Channel Trafficking by the β4 Subunit
Marissa Miranda The Influence of Mood on Politeness Strategies
Kathryn Mong The effects media literacy programs have on body image and social body comparison
Jenna Morris An Exploration into the Family Beliefs of the Older, Female Residents of a Guatemalan Children’s Home
Sarah Novak Young Adult Certified Nurse Aid Students’ Perceptions of the Elderly and Stress Levels during Interaction at Work
Katrina Pampalone The prevalence of eating disorders in public and private institutions of higher education
Hannah Phelps The Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Social Comparison Orientation, and Facebook Use
Tyler Phillips Can Acute Stress Form Stronger Attachments in Other Individuals
Veronica Quinlan The Acute Effects of a 2 Day Vinyasa Yoga Practice on Cognitive Performance in College Students
Hannah Rooks The Effects of Viewing Art on Mood
Dayna Rowe Bystander Sexual Assault Prevention: The Relationship Between Athletes and Non-Athletes in Measures of Rape Myth Acceptance and Need for Help
Brittany Rung The Effect of Cognitive Load and Ad Involvement Type on Recall of Information from Advertisements
Wyler Sanca Sub-genres of Rap Music and the Big Five Personality Traits
Anna Katharina (Nina) Spälti Attitudes towards Marriage as a Function of Gender and Sexual Orientation of the Authors of a Message Advocating Marriage
Shayna Spano Effects of Coaching Behavior on Intrinsic Motivation between Team Sport Athletes and Individual Sport Athletes and Gender
John Starzer The Effects of Exposure to Media Images on Attitudes Toward Individuals with Schizophrenia
Trista Sykes Classically-Conditioning Immunity in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Taisha Thomas The Effect of Positive and Negative Television Portrayals of Black People on the Racial Attitudes of People in the UK and US
Grant Thomas Toilet Talk: An Argument for the use of Bathroom Graffiti to Examine Dynamics of Anonymous Public Discourse
Franklin Triozzi The Effects of Physical Exercise on Working Memory
Brian Tutino The Effectiveness of Mental Training Techniques on Physical Ability and Personal and Impersonal views of Perception in Athletes
Catherine Van Damme A Comparison of self-generated versus expert-generated testing effects and knowledge maps
Charlotte Volpe Mania or not clinically significant? Investigation into the diagnostic appropriateness of bipolar disorder in children
Ashley Whalen The Influence of Concussion on Depression and Sleep in College Students
Joanna Wieckowska Methylphenidate (Ritalin®) and its behavioral and neuroanatomical effects on the non-ADHD brain
Amanda Woodside Have a Left Frontal Day: Coffee, Depression, and Electroencephalography


Ashley N. Adamson The Effects of Social Interaction and Social Isolation and Handling on Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats When Learning to Navigate a Multiple T-Maze
Emily M. Allerton The Assessment of the Effects of Structured and Non-Structured Art Projects on Children’s Creativity Before and After Project Completion
Corey J. Anderson Neuroprotective Effects of the Ketogenic Diet in a Unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine Lesion Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Meredith Beamon The Relationship Between Narcissism, Self-Concept Clarity, and Life Satisfaction
Elizabeth A. Belz The Nucleus Accumbens and Basomedial Nucleus of the Amygdala in Valproic Acid Autism Models
Ryan C. Brindle The Relationship between Depression and Cardiovascular Reactions to Acute Psychological Stress
Bennett H. Buchanan The Buddhist Doctrine of Not-Self: Implications for Psychological Approaches to Anxiety
Yung Yu Cheng The effect of playing first person shooter video games on attention
Liza N. Cooper Mental Illness Stigma, Counseling Stigma, Self-Stigma, and Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help
Meghan Curran Google and Memory: Cognitive Effects of having Information at your Fingertips
Heather C. Daly Novel and Non-novel Musical Experiences on Experience Seeking Levels in Children
Carolina L. DiPerna An Assessment of Mood in Children Upon Completion of Structured and Unstructured Art Projects
Robin E. Ellege The Effects of Different Background Noises on the Rate of Acquisition of Learning a T-Maze in Rats
Aaron M. Figore Testing Testosterone Propionate for Aggressive & Dominant Behaviors
Michael V. Gallo The Effects of Propentofylline on Graft Survival in the Unilateral 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Molly Gerbasi An Investigation of Choice in the Amish Youth After Rumspringa
Kaitlyn M Henry Social Isolation and Endogenous Opioid Dysfunction in Rats Prenatally Exposed To Valproic Acid: An Animal Model of Autism
Natalie A. Herrington The Effects of Alcohol and Exercise on Perceived Stress in College Students
Jigar Jethva Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and its effects on self-efficacy and mood states on liberal-arts undergraduate students: A program evaluation.
Kira L. Kliment The Effects of the Thin Body Ideal in Media Images and Locus of Control on Body Image in Female College Athletes and Non-Athletes
Amon Manekul Stereo-selective behavioral effects of kappa opioid agonist U-50488
Stephen C. Martinkovich Effects of neonatal febrile seizure history on vulnerability to pilocarpine-induced seizures in a rat model of complex autism
Janelle C. McCarl Comparison of Attitude Changes of Professional and Amateur Suicide Prevention Videos
Eliza B. Nelson The Effects of Stressful Life Events on Cardiovascular Reactivity to an Acute Mental Stress Task in Young Adults
Alan D. Nikovic What effect does gender have on attitudes towards sex and sexuality on Allegheny Campus?
Drew E. Perry The Significance of Environmental Enrichment on the Behavioral Development in the VPA Rat Model of Autism
Nicole Piccirillo Effects of Relationship Status on Mental Health and Stress in Young Adults: A Longitudinal Study
Christian J. Plourd Navigation Style and Product Familiarity’s Effect on Banner Blindness
Kristen D. Rakoczy Gay Male and Lesbian Sexual Identity Attitudes and the Manifestation of the Impostor Phenomenon in Undergraduate Students
Kelsy B. Reisinger Attitudes Towards Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use and Academic Honesty
Braxton Rose A Seven Day Vegan Intervention Diet Promotes Healthy Mood States
Shaka S. Sadler Racial Biases in Rape Trials Involving African Americans and How This Could Affect Decisions in the Appellant Courts
Jacquiline A. Sarfo-Kantanka Feeling the Pain: The Correlation Between Physical Pain and Emotional Pain
Kaitlyn L. Segiel The Effect of Coach’s Rules and Seasonal Status on Drinking among Intercollegiate Athletes
Chelsea Shuss From Intervention to Rehab: Television, Meaning, and Substance Abuse Treatment
Bethany J. Silinski Impact of Mood Variation on Working Memory Performance in College Students
Jesselyn A. Terrill The Psychological, Physical, and Social Health Correlates of Orthorexia Nervosa in Young People
Jaime N Thayer The Impact of Powerful and Non-Powerful Movements on Confidence
Kyla J. Tompkins Working Memory and Second Language Learning
Edward Torsney The Effect of First Person Shooter and Fighting Video Games on Attention, Memory, and Executive control
John M. Welsh III The Relationships of Major, Workload, Class, and Problematic Internet Usage with Procrastination
Julia P. Werkmeister Organization Engagement, Class Year, and Living-Learning Community Participation on Campus and Organization Attachments in Freshmen and Sophomore Students
Eric C. Wilhelm The Effect of a Physically Attractive Recipient on the Expression of Self-disclosure in E-mail Communication
Nicole Zelinsky Restoring Self-Control Strength Following Alcohol-Related Depletion


Kodi B. Arfer Intuitive decision-making as social prediction: The similar-strategy hypothesis
Nicole M. Baston The Effects of Playground Noise and Extraversion on Sustained Attention in Preschoolers
Carly A. Braden The Effects of Diet and Exercise on the Mental Health of Adult Women with Breast Cancer
Laura R. Burkholder Prevention and Intervention Programs for Alcohol Use and Risky-Sex Among College Students
Kathryn L. Conn The Effects of Gender and Drinking on Rape Myth Acceptance
Sanjana Dey A Study of the Influences of Personality on Binge Drinking in College: The Effects of Gender, Shyness, and Sociability on Alcohol Consumption
Ambria N. Diaz Effect of Drinking Venue and College Residence on Alcohol Consumption in College Athletes
Amanda L. Edwards Who You Are or How You Show It: Personality Characteristics, Self-Presentation and First-Choice Match in Sorority Recruitment
Julia A. Harris The role of mood and optimism level on directed gaze
Alexandra L. Kane Is Bubbles Good at Stats? Induction of the Stereotype Threat Female Psychology Students
Rebecca M. Lendyak Can Suppression Lead to Craving? Heavy Drinkers’ Tendency to Suppress and Subsequent Craving after Beverage Exposure
Adam J. Lessard Legal Age Status as a Reason for Prepartying among Underage College Student Drinkers
Deanna L. Leyh Negative Aging Stereotypes in Greeting Cards and Ageism Bias of College Students
Nicole M. Mascia Mindfulness Training: Possible Implications For The Treatment Of Stuttering
Barbara J. McCarthy Legal Age Status as a Reason for Prepartying among Underage College Student Drinkers
Alexandra M. Mikovich Impression Formation and Identity Construction of Female Allegheny College Students’ Status Updates on Facebook
Beth A. Muller Media Images and Body Image of Female Athletes, Non-Athletes, and Females who Workout
Claire E. Nakajima Convergence or Continuing the Status Quo: Why Women in College are Drinking More
Emily M. O’Shell An Investigation of the Relationship Between Environmental Attitudes and Knowledge of Nature
Katherine L. Rectenwald The Effects of Religious and Spiritual Affirmations on Body and Intellectual Esteem in Female College Students
Leslie G. Robertson Put Down the Phone or Else: Statements of Efficacy in Texting Public Service Announcements
Karla A. Varee Is It Worth It? A Critique of AlcoholEdu
Jacob R. Young “Static Age”: An Experimental Analysis of the Effects of Ad Sponsorship and Ad Valence on Ratings of Political Ads
Yun A. Zhan Correlation of self-regulation and compensatory behaviors of weight gain in college women


Justin Abbott An Experimental Analysis of the Effects a Pitcher’s Protective “L” Screen has on a Batter’s Performance
Tyler Hannah-Marie Andolina The Disney Princess Ideal: What it means and for whom
Megan Atkinson Investigating External Pressure and Interrogation Techniques in Relation to True and False Confessions
Natasha Beatty Exercise and Daytime Sleep Architecture
Steve Beckett An Experimental Analysis Between Hitter and Pitcher
Brittany Bell The Effects of the Use of Figurative Language in Advertisements on Purchase Intent
Christopher Lee Bell, Jr. The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on the Inflexible Behaviors of Autism
Leigh A. Bender Animal Assisted Interventions, Anxiety and Personality
Kristin Blankemeyer The Effects of Oxytocin and Vasopressin on Social Recognition Behavior in a Valproic Acid Rat Model of Autism
Maggie L. Bodenlos The Effects of Authority and Familiarity on Verbal Interruptions
Ashley E. Brown Does A Relationship Exist Between Birth Order, Number Of Siblings and Leadership Style?
Casey Brown The Effectiveness of Fetal Cell Grafts in Repairing Ibotenic Acid Lesions of the Dorsal Hippocampus
Kelli Burke Family Violence Levels and Their Relationship With Child Abuse Potential
Molly Carter The Effects of Pilocarpine-Induced Seizures on Vascularity and Astrocytes in the Amygdala and Hippocampus in Animal Models of Autism and Epilepsy
Megan Coffey Evidence of pedophilia in the case of Arthur Shawcross
Ashley Crosby Computer-Mediated Communications in Classrooms: Effects of Blogging and Podcasting on Information Recall
Kristen Cushman Individual differences in attention on TOVA performance during noise
Jessica M. Daugherty The Effect of Estrogen on Autistic Symptoms
Stephen Dickson A Virtual Disorder: Internet Addiction and Whether or Not It should be Included in the DSM-V
Jessica DiPietro The Effects of an Acute Pilocarpine Induced Seizure on Astrocytic Cell Populations and Cerebrovascularture in VPA and Control Sprague Dawley Rats
Margaret D. Dolce Evaluation Of Art Therapy Techniques On The Treatment Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Jamison Drab An Overview of the Field of School Psychology and It’s Practices
Katherine Eriksen Some Effects of Varied Training Delays on Delayed Matching-to-Sample in Humans
Sara Fernandez An Early Childhood Curricular Module About Dwarfism
Brian Filler The Effect of Goal Contents and Motives on Happiness of College Alumni
Nicola C. Flynn The Effect of Casual Video Game Play on Working Memory Ability
Samantha Ford The Effects of Long-term Exposure of Aspartame and High Fat Diets on Adult Female Sprague-Dawley Rats
Tim Fullam Effect of Downregulation of cdk5 and p35 by RNAi on Neurodegeneration in the Adult CNS of Drosophila melanogaster
Daniella M. Furey Effects Of Greek Letter Organization Membership On Participation In Non-Greek Organizations
Patrick J. Furey The Role Of Disinhibition Expectancies In The Association Between Campus Group Affiliation And Heavy-Episodic Drinking
Erin Gaskill Adolescent Subjective Social Status and Response to Negative Stimuli and Health Symptoms
Zachary T. Gray Acute Exposure of Ketamine: Effects of Fixed Interval Schedules
Ryan Hanson Determination of how mice detect different pulse widths and frequencies of nasal CO2
Shane Hennessy Effects of niflumic acid on odor and CO2 detection in mice
Abby Herskovitz Can Mint-flavored Treats Do More Than Just Freshen Breath?: An Examination Of The Act of Chewing Gum And Its Potential Effect On Working Memory
Rachel Higgins Psycholinguistic Markers in Computer Mediated Communication: The Influences of Topic on the Expression of Sarcasm Markers in CMC
Sarah Amy Holick Situational Specificity of Tolerance and a Conditioned Compensatory Response to Ketamine in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Elizabeth Hollabaugh The Effects of Prenatal Folic Acid Supplements on Autistic Behaviors in an Animal Model of Autism
Hillary L. Houghton Effect of Alcohol Intoxication Level and Gender on Regret After the College Hook Up
Kyle M. Janes Ethanol Intoxication and Its Effects on Shock Avoidance Behavior in Sprague-Dawley Rats
Jessica Kenemuth Investigation of the role of the cGMP-sensitive cyclic nucleotide-gated channel and guanylyl cyclase-D in CO2 transduction pathway in mice.
Aric F. Logsdon Fluoro-Ruby Labeling Assay of the 6-OHDA Model of Parkinson’s Disease Pre-Treated with a Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor
Abbé Machi On Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and Token Economies: An effect size analysis of two psychosocial treatments for schizophrenia
Tristin L. Malone Effects of High-Conflict Families and Divorced Families on Children: Is Depression Increased more in Children from High-Conflict Families or Divorced Families
Katarina J. Marinzel The Effects Of The Nintendo WII On Mood
Victoria Maruca Contradictory Effects of Minocycline on Amygdala-Lesioned Sprague-Dawley Rats
Ryan Mazzone The effect of delayed glial inhibitor treatment on morphine withdrawal in Sprague-Dawley rats
Lindsey McClement Effects of Sleep Patterns on Human Working Memory Performance
Amanda L. McNeely The Relationship Between First Names and Inference of Depression Symptoms
Stephanie Miller The Psychology and Spirituality of Mindfulness-based Stress Redirection
Douglas Montgomery Using the MAM Developmental Model of Schizophrenia to Study the Therapeutic Effect of Estrogen on Deficient Senorimotor Gating
Lauren Mursch Behavioral Characteristics and Myelination in Sprague-Dawley Rats Prenatally Exposed to Phencyclidine
Margaret Meaghan Myers What Feelings, Emotions, and Personality Traits Do Recovering Alcoholics View As Having Contributed to Their Alcoholism
Amanda Olar The Effects of Dietary Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Mood in Cancer Patients
Katy Orchowski Some Discriminative Properties of Cocaine and Caffeine: Effects of A2A, D1, and D2 Receptor Antagonists
Edward Justin Page The Neuroprotective Effects of an Omega-3 Fatty Acid Diet on Alzheimer’s Disease
Brittney Pagone Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Neurobiological Effects Caused by the Postnatal Administration of Propionic Acid.”
Rebecca Christine Payne The Effects of an Acting Intervention on Self-Confidence in College Students
Sarah Raley Effect of Antecedent Yoga on the Sustained Attention of Preschool Children
Kevin Reese The Compromising Male: Male Performers and Perceptions of their Masculinity Based on their Genre of Dance
Camille Robbins The Effect of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Coping Strategies Used by Parents: A Content Analysis of Two Narratives
Luca Scalera Effectiveness of Therapy with Horses for Children with Autism
Elizabeth M. Shaffer The Applicability of Self-Defeating Personality Disorder for a Previous Victim of Domestic Violence: A Case Study
Erin M. Smith The Effects of Chronic Diazepam Withdrawal on Subsequent Ethanol Consumption, Withdrawal, and Induced Anxiolytic
Noah Snyder EPR Characterization of Mn(II) Containing Superoxide Dismutase Mimics
Jonathan D. Steele Neuroprotective effects of Diet and Exercise on Spatial Memory and the Performance of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats In a Morris Water Maze
Rachel Stolarski Effects of Mood and Gender on Memory: A study on Mood Dependent Memory
Jacquelina Strahota Influence of Violent Media on Imitative ‘Copycat’ Behavior
George Swinston Thioredoxin Regulation at Various Developmental Stages of Sprague-Dawley Rats in Response to Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation/ Re-oxygenation
Mia Symoniak Persuasive Peers: The Impact Of School Type On Perceived Peer Pressure
Joelle E. Tighe Effects of repetitive oral administration of postnatal propionic acid in rats: a possible animal model of late onset autism spectrum disorder
Scott Watkins The Effect of Acute Administration of Cocaine and d-Amphetamine on Motor Functioning
Justin R. Weimer Selling Out Subculture: An Analysis of the Sponsors of the Vans Warped Tour
Emily West Issues of Masculinity and Femininity in Dance
Jessica Wilson Effect of Prenatal Exogenous Corticosterone Administration on Sensorimotor Gating and Hippocampal Size: Potential Relevance to Schizophrenia
Daniel Winston The Effects of Written Grammar on Face-to-face Communication and Impressions
Christina S. Zanic Exploring The Role Of The Psychologist In The Administration Of Involuntary Antipsychotic Medication To Restore Competency To Stand Trial In Criminal Defendants
Jakeb Zimmerman The Relationship Between Exercise, Mood, and Group Dynamics


Omar Alsaadi Finding Connections: A Teenager With Autism And His Music Preferences
Maureen E. Allanson Neuroprotective Effects Of Daidzein Pretreatment On The 6-Hydroxydopamine Model Of Parkinson’s Disease
Rebecca Althausen The Spiral Transmission Of Divorce. A Correlation Between Family Marital History And Marital Views
Angela Ames Home-Based Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions For Autism And The Family Context
Heather A. Baird Medication Non-Adherence and Criminal Responsibility in Offenders with Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder
Mallory Bastin Siblings’ Role In Gender Development
Tamara Belden Examining Comics Theory: The Effect Of Character Facial Realism On Narrative Engagement
Lesley Bittner An Examination Of Maternal Stress Level Changes As A Function Of Ages Of Children With Autism
Christopher Brightbill Distinctiveness Heuristic Training
Sara N. Brown College Women’s Usage Of And Beliefs About Aggressive Behavior Styles
Matthew Choinski The Role Of The Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus In Sensorimotor Gating
Jesse Conlon The Theoretical Neurological Connections Between Autism And Epilepsy
Jonathan R. Davis The Social Perceptions And Motivations Of The Gaming Culture Of College Students: A Study Of The Allegheny Role-Playing And Gaming Organization (Argo)
Anna B. Dixon An Examination Of A Parent’s Ability To Conduct A Functional Analysis For Their Child’s Self-Injurious Behavior
Zachary DelliGatti The Effects Of Exercise On Depression In An Animal Model
Vincent Donofrio Effects Of Speaker And Listener Sex On Social Perceptions Of Speakers With Speech Disfluencies
Jessica A. Edmunds Perceptions Of Children’s Behavioral Responses To Physical Violence
Pember Edwards The Effects Of Dental Procedure, Sex, And Prior Experience On Dental Anxiety In Patients
Laura E. Erbelding Is It Better To Learn From Your Mother Or Through Personal Experience? An Investigation Of Preweaning And Postweaning Conditioned Taste Aversion On Sprague-Dawley Rats
Katie M. Fleet Assessing The Needs For A Mentor Advocate For Older Youth In Foster Care
Rachel Fodi The Effects Of Ambient Temperature On The Reinforcing Efficacy Of (+)1- Methamphetamine On Adult Male Sprague-Dawley Rats
Evanee B. Frank The Investigation Of Cues To Deception Through The Manipulation Of Cognitive Load
Amy Gardener Interpersonal Attraction: The Impact Of Physical Appearance Versus Personality Trait Information
Annie T. Ginty A Matter Of Balance: Baseline And Recovery Pulse Is Lower For Individuals With A Balanced Outlook On Life Stressors
Lucas Glover The Effects Of Dorsal Hippocampal Or Ca3 Lesions On Spatial Reference And Working Memory In Two Spatial Tasks
Siera Goodnight Effects Of Melatonin On Daytime Sleep Architecture In College Students
Amy Graham Female College Student’s Formality And Politeness Use In Email
Joshua Guthrie The Effect Of Emotionality And Auditory Complexity On An Individual’s Subjective Estimation Of The Passage Of Time
Meghan Haddad The Effect Of Mindfulness Meditation And Intense Cardiovascular Exercise On Stress Reduction
Christopher Hansen Manipulating A Cholinergic Dysregulation With Nicotinic Agonist: Correlates Of Cognition And Behavior
Nicholas Joseph Parental Substance Abuse Problems: Predicting Alcohol And Marijuana Use In College Students
Caitlin M. Kielty The Relationship Between Interparental Conflict, Adolescents Problem Behavior And Personality
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