Gator Patrol Service (GPS)

What Is Gator Patrol Service?

Gator Patrol Service (GPS) is an Allegheny College sponsored safety escort program that is created by the Public Safety Department. GPS officers are an integral part of a safe campus initiative that wear identifiable reflective vests and carry a two-way radio. The students will serve as a support to Public Safety as they escort students to and from their designated locale.

Additional Eyes And Ears

GPS student employees provide an escort to any student or staff member who makes a request on Sunday-Thursday between the hours of 8 PM and 1 AM, Friday and Saturday, between 8 PM to 2 PM. Other duties include special patrol areas and security details (e.g. College games, library duty, Campus Center patrol, etc.). The GPS staff is trained and dispatched by the Office of Public Safety and also serves as additional eyes and ears on campus.

Walking Support Service

GPS student employees will assists students and staff who are afraid to walk alone on campus. A GPS student employee can provide an escort to/from various locations on campus. Public Safety Dispatcher will contact a GPS officer or a Public Safety Police Officer by radio and send them to the appropriate location to offer support and assistance to members of our community.

Work As A “GPS” Employee

GPS students are always needed. Students that apply for the GPS program must have Work-Study funds. All GPS employees must pass a criminal background check before being allowed into the program, for more information contact Marilyn Moore at the Public Safety Office at 814-332-3357.