CR/NC Policy in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Allegheny College Faculty have voted to shift the default grading scheme for Spring 2020 to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) for all classes. Students who wish to do so may opt-out of the change and elect to still receive the grades they earn for the Spring 2020 semester. We understand the gravity of this change, but we believe that the global COVID-19 pandemic means this is a semester like no other in the current lifetime of the College. All Allegheny College community members — student, faculty, and staff alike — are experiencing uncertainty and disruption to an unprecedented degree.

We have provided an Advising FAQ here to help you sort through the decisions you may wish to make.

Please see here for COVID-19 updates related to Allegheny College.

What this means for students:

Classes completed For Credit (CR)

  • Courses completed for Credit during Spring 2020 will count towards graduation, but will not affect your GPA. A notation will appear on all student transcripts to the effect that CR/NC was the default grading option available for Spring 2020 courses.
  • Courses completed for Credit during Spring 2020 will count towards the major[s], minor[s], FS and distribution requirements, as though they had been graded.
  • Earning Credit for any course during Spring 2020 will count as fulfilment of the prerequisite for subsequent courses in a sequence, even if those courses otherwise have grade pre-requisites. Regardless, it may be unwise for students to take the next class in the sequence if they are insufficiently prepared.
  • Courses taken CR/NC during Spring 2020 do not count toward a student’s total number of  CR/NC courses in other terms. Courses taken CR/NC in semesters other than Spring 2020 remain governed by Academic Bulletin policies about CR/NC.

Classes Completed for No Credit (NC)

  • Classes completed for No Credit during Spring 2020 will NOT count towards fulfillment of any College requirement and those credits will not count towards a student’s overall credit total.

Graduation and Honors

  • For graduating seniors, Latin and other Honors, will be based on the GPA earned at the end of the most recent semester completed. Spring 2020 grades will NOT be eligible for inclusion in these calculations, even for students who opt-out of the CR/NC option.
  • Transfer students who lack the 64 credit minimum eligibility for Latin Honors as a result of the universal CR/NC course designation for Spring 2020 courses AND graduating seniors who lack a 2.0 cumulatively or in their major(s) or minor(s) may appeal to the Dean’s Exemption Committee. The decision of the Committee on the matter will be final.
  • Recognition for all students via the Alden Scholars Dean’s List or Distinguished Alden Scholars Dean’s List will be based on their Fall 2019 grades ONLY and will be based on completion of a minimum of 15 credits (half of the typical 30 credit threshold).

Module Classes, X Grades, and Incompletes

  • Classes completed during the Module A portion of Spring 2020 will be graded as normal.
  • Student-initiated Withdrawals (‘X’) from Spring 2020 courses will remain on the transcript as an X.
  • Grades of Incomplete for Spring 2020 classes may only be resolved as CR, NC, or W, unless the student has opted out of the universal CR/NC course designation, in which case they will be assigned letter grades.  The deadline for students to complete Spring 2020 incomplete work has been extended from September 23 to December 15, 2020.

Academic Standing

  • Unless a student opts out and elects to earn grades for their courses, there will be no change to Academic Standing categories at the end of Spring 2020 and no students will be suspended or dismissed from the College as a result of their Spring 2020 coursework. If a student elects to earn grades, then their Academic Standing may change as a result, either positively or negatively. This may result in suspension or dismissal from the College.

The opt-out option to receive letter grade(s) for the Spring 2020 semester:

Students who wish their Spring 2020 letter grades to be posted to their transcript may elect to opt-out of the universal CR/NC decision. They may do this on a course-by-course basis. They may opt-out by completing a form provided by the Office of the Registrar NO LATER than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 29 Eastern Time (Study Day). Late requests will not be accepted and are not subject to appeal. Once the decision to elect grades has been made, it cannot be reversed and is not subject to appeal. i.e., the decision to opt-out of the universal CR/NC policy for Spring 2020 is final. 

An e-mail was sent to every student on Monday 13 April with a link to a pre-filled Google Form. The e-mail’s subject was “From the Registrar: Form to Opt-Out of Default CR/NC Grading for 20/SP.”


Last updated Monday 20 April 2020