Approving advisees to register

Your academic advisees are not permitted to register for classes without your approval. Please note that you are not approving of specific classes; rather, your approval indicates that the advisee has consulted with you and discussed his/her plans. The final selection of courses remains the advisee’s responsibility.

To approve an advisee to register, log into WebAdvisor and select Advisee Permission to Register. Select the term for which the student wishes to register; for example, if a student meets with you in April to discuss course selection for the following Fall, you would select that Fall semester as the Term in WebAdvisor. When you click Submit, a list of your advisees will appear. If you see a check mark in the Allow Reg box for that student, the student has your permission to register; if the box is blank, the student will not be permitted to register. Check the box for all students you wish to approve and hit Submit.

If you return to the same screen later, the advisees you have approved should still be checked. Please do not “un-check” them unless you intend to revoke your permission to register. All students will automatically be re-set to require new approvals before the next preregistration cycle begins. Please note that students with more than one academic advisor (e.g., double majors) require the approval of both advisors to register; if you have approved a student but WebAdvisor is telling the student that s/he still needs advisor permission, s/he may need to talk to the other advisor.