Entering grades

At the end of the semester, course grades should be entered on WebAdvisor. Log in and select Grading from the menu of options. If grading is currently closed, you will see an error message reading, “There are no terms currently available for grading.” (If grading is closed, please see Completed Incompletes below.) If grading is open, select the current term, then select the course for which you wish to enter grades.

A pull-down menu for each student allows you to select a grade for that student in the course. Most students will receive a letter grade (A-F).

Some exceptions are:

Credit/No Credit. For any student taking a course on the Credit/No Credit basis, please enter any passing grade (A-D) if the student should receive a grade of Credit (CR). Enter an “F” if the student should receive No Credit (NC). The letter grades will be converted to CR and NC when grades are processed for the semester.

Incompletes (“IN”). Allegheny’s policy on awarding grades of Incomplete can be found here. Please note that an Incomplete is the appropriate grade to enter if a the student has been accused of an Honor Code violation in your class and the matter has not been resolved by the grade deadline. If you award a grade of Incomplete, please submit an APR with the student’s “tentative grade” (the grade the student will receive if all missing assignments receive grades of zero). If the student does no further work, the Incomplete will be completed using the tentative grade.

Completed Incompletes: because WebAdvisor closes for a semester when the grades for that semester are processed, please just email Registrar’s Office with the final grades for students who were previously given Incompletes.

Withdrawals (“W”). Allegheny’s policy on awarding a Withdrawal for a class can be found here. Please note that a Withdrawal differs from a Drop in that a grade of “W” will appear permanently on the student’s transcript for a Withdrawal.

Please go back and make sure you grade EVERY course!!


One final FYI — as you enter grades in WebAdvisor, the course disappears from the student’s current schedule. This can cause consternation among students, so please reassure them!