Module courses (Spring 2019)

Please see below for details of 7 week courses. Module A takes place in the first 7 weeks of the semester. Module B takes place in the second 7 weeks of the semester. Please see the Academic Calendars page for specific dates.

Please consult WebAdvisor to confirm the days, times, and locations of these sections.

Several of these classes are “pending” approval of the Faculty. Please see the Fall 2018 Pending Courses page for more information.

Module A Spring 2019

Course Short Title Faculty Name Credits
CHEM*361*A1 Instrumental Analysis Deckert, Alice 2
CHEM*432*A1 Current Topics in Organic Chem Murphree, S. S. 2
COMRT*214*A1 Topics in Theatre Management Yeckley, Leeann C. 2
GEO*240*A1 Mineralogy Carter, Matthew J. 2
GHS*510*A1 Global Health Fieldwork Pinnow, Kenneth M. 2
GTWY*100*A1 Who Are You? Haywood, Benjamin K. 1
GTWY*100*A2 Who Are You? Hart, D. A. 1
GTWY*100*A3 Who Are You? Boynton, Eric E. 1
GTWY*100*A4 Who Are You? Jackson, Patrick D. 1
PHYS*485*A1 Curr Topics in Materials Phys Petasis, Doros T. 2

Module B Spring 2019

Course Short Title Faculty Name Credits
CHEM*442*B1 Current Topics/Physical Chem Deckert, Alice 2
GEO*290*B1 PA Oil & Gas Geology Carter, Matthew J., O’Brien, Rachel 2
CHIN*190*B0 Intro Chinese Lang & Culture Chen, Chih-Jung 2
PHIL*190*B0 Democracy as a Way of Life Bywater, William G. 2
PHYS*420*B1 Current Topics in Astrophysics Lombardi, James C. 2