Fall course update 3/30

Time Change. The meeting time for COMRT 581 Communication Junior Seminar has been changed to TTh 3-4:15 (formerly TTh 1:30-2:45).

Time Change. The time for Section 1 (Hellwarth) of FSENG 201 Common Language Uncommon Lives has been changed to MWF 1:30-2:20 (formerly tTh 9:30-10:45).

Fall course update 3/31

New Course! Two sections of Political Science 245 Third World Politics have been added to the Fall schedule. Section 1 meets TTh 9:30-10:45, and Section 2 meets TTh 3-4:15. Both sections will be taught by Professor Christie-Searles.

Fall course update 4/2

New Course! A new Special Topics course has been added in Black Studies for Fall:

BLKST 190 Blacks and the Entertainment Industry
Professor Christie-Searles; TTh 1:30-2:45

A study of the connections between Blacks and the arts. America’s music, jazz, has deep roots in the blues and negro spirituals of Blacks who were either in, or a generation or two out of, bondage. Poetry, painting, sculpture, theater, and dance all reflect significant Black contributions. In addition,Black entrepreneurs served as critics, historians, and archivists to this growing body of rich artistic material. This course explores the Black actors behind the scenes of the entertainment industry and how their contributions advanced not only art but the progress of Blacks nationally and globally. Case studies include Motown, Vibe Magazine, and Soul Train.


Fall course update 4/3

Due to staffing changes in the Psychology department, a couple of sections offered by the department have been cancelled. Some staffing issues are still being resolved, so please check for additional updates to the department’s schedule.

CANCELLATION. Section 3 of PYSCH 110 Foundations of Psychology has been cancelled. The other four sections of PSYCH 110 will be taught as scheduled.

CANCELLATION. PSYCH 426 Aging has been cancelled.

Fall course update 4/7

New Course! BLKST 191 The Black Male Experience in the United States has been added with Professor Saltsman, TTh 9:30-10:45.

Description: An interdisciplinary study focusing on the black male experience in the United States from the first black inhabitants of the continental United States (early 1600s) to the present.  Using art, history, psychology, and political science, students investigate the forces that have shaped black male identity, the activities of resistance and liberation, and the sources of oppression both within and outside the black community. Students critically examine the themes of masculinity, the male body, sexuality, and relationships with female members of the black community.

Fall course update 4/8

Un-cancellation! The Psychology department has been able to restore PSYCH 426 Aging (TTh 1:30-2:45 with Professor Rutledge) to the Fall schedule.

Fall course update 4/22

New Course! HIST 267 Abraham Lincoln: The Man and the Myth will meet TTh 8-9:15. Instructor: Professor Binnington.

New Section! An additional section (01) of SPAN 305 Conversation and Composition will meet MWF 11-11:50. Instructor: Professor Hernandez

CANCELLATION. SPAN 445 Topics in Hispanic Film has been cancelled.

Fall course update 4/24

New Section! An additional section (01) of EDUC 100 Introduction to Education Studies will be offered MWF 9-9:50. Instructor: Professor S. Slote

Instructor change. Section 04 of ENGL 110 Reading Literature, MWF 9-9:50, will be taught by Professor Lo (formerly: Professor S. Slote). Please note that ENGL 110 is the new course number for the class previously designated ENGL 200.

CANCELLATION. ENGL 550 Seminar in Literature (Professor Lo) has been cancelled. Space is still available in Professor Bulman’s seminar, ENGL 551.

CANCELLATION. RELST 224 Jewish Theology and the Holocaust has been cancelled. However, space is still available in several courses on related topics: RELST 120 The Faith of Ancient Israel, RELST 147 Judaism, and RELST 341 Jewish Ethical Perspectives.

Fall schedule adjustments

WebAdvisor will be closed on Monday, April 27, to make some final schedule adjustments. On Tuesday, April 28, preregistration will re-open for all students. Unrestricted courses may be added via WebAdvisor at that time if seats are available. However,  you must use an Add card (available April 28 in the Registrar’s Office) if:

1. The course is full. Contact the instructor to see if it is possible to add additional students.
2. The course has a “signature” restriction (indicated by “Yes” in the Sign Req column under Search for sections in WebAdvisor). Please note that many instructors add signature restrictions to previously unrestricted courses so that they can give preference to students on their waiting lists; if WebAdvisor is not allowing you to register for a course, check to see whether it now has a signature restriction.
3. The course is restricted to a particular registration class or classes (e.g. FR/SO). Contact the instructor to see if it might be possible to add a course even if you are not a member of the indicated class. If the faculty member agrees, his/her signature on an Add card will permit you to register for the course.
Add cards must be turned into the Registrar’s Office by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 5.

WebAdvisor will remain open through the end of June, and you may continue to Add unrestricted courses or Drop any course online throughout that period. However, preregistration remains limited to a maximum of 18 credits. Additional courses may be added in the Fall, after the incoming first-year students have registered.