Natural Science Lab Courses

For all students who matriculated before Fall 2016, graduation from Allegheny requires eight credits in the Natural Science division, including four credits of science with laboratory. Please note that not all courses offered by the Environmental Science department count as Natural Science courses! Consult the Environmental Science course descriptions in the Academic Bulletin to find out which division (if any) a particular ENVSC course counts towards to satisfy the distribution Requirement.

The introductory courses below will be offered during the Spring 2020 semester and satisfy the lab component of the Natural Science requirement. These courses have no prerequisites unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2020

Course Short Title Faculty Notes
CHEM*120 Chemical Concepts 1 Various See Bulletin for pre-reqs
CMPSC*100 Computational Expression Various None
GEO*110 Physical Geology O’Brien, R None
PHYS*101 Fundamentals of Physics I Various See Bulletin for pre-reqs