Preregistering in WebAdvisor

Preregistration for the following semester is done on-line through WebAdvisor. Preregistration times are scheduled by Registration Class (seniors first, then juniors, etc.) and then by Letter Group according to the schedule posted prior to the beginning of preregistration. Please note that Registration Class is determined by the number of credits you will have earned by the end of the semester, not when you entered Allegheny; for example, you may think of yourself as a “sophomore” because this is your second year but be eligible to register as a junior. To determine your Registration Class and Letter Group, log on to your account in  WebAdvisor and go to the My Profile section of the Academic Profile menu. You will also be able to see whether your advisor has granted you approval to register. It is to your advantage to register at the earliest available time for your registration class and letter group!

Registering with WebAdvisor.

Preregistration with WebAdvisor involves the “Registration” menu in a two-step process. In the first step, you use the Search/Register screen to select a tentative list of course sections. You can include several different sections of the same course, course sections you definitely want, and sections you may just be thinking about. Once you have selected some courses you may leave, then come back another time and add or delete course sections from this list. You may construct this list at any time prior to registration

The second step is to actually submit courses for registration with the Register and Drop Sections screen. You may only do this after the start of your personal registration period. At this time you may make last minute checks of section availability and final decisions as to which courses to submit. Using this two step process, you can prepare a tentative schedule the night before your registration period, then actually submit it during your registration period.

Finally, just to be sure everything went as planned, you should go to the My Class Schedule screen to verify your schedule. If it is not correct, go back and make the necessary corrections.

The process is illustrated below.

This scenario takes place in Fall, 2003. Click on any of the images below for an expanded view.

Before Registration Day

Check Registration Status

Amy Duffer is preparing for Spring 2004 registration. Amy begins by checking My Profile to determine her registration status.

Amy will register with the Rising Juniors and is letter group B. Her advisor has still not approved her registration so she will have to make an appointment to see him.

Develop a Tentative Schedule

Now Amy decides to start working on her schedule. She goes to the Search/Register screen.

She wants to see what is offered in English and History so she selects those and then clicks SUBMIT.

Only a portion of the Selection Results screen appears in the illustration as there is a long list of course sections. Amy has selected three possible sections of English 200 as well as a history course (not shown). She then clicks on SUBMIT. This brings up the Register and Drop Sections screen.

The top portion of the screen – Preferred Sections – lists the course sections she has just selected. The bottom portion of the screen (not shown) lists her current (Fall, 2003) schedule. Since it is not yet time for her to register, Amy can not go any further at this time and she logs out.

The next day, Amy goes back into Search and Register and selects some additional course sections. These are added to her list of Preferred Sections, as shown below.

Amy decides that she is definitely not interested in English 200, section 5 because it conflicts with the history seminar. She selects “Remove from List” and clicks SUBMIT to remove it from the list. This brings up the Registration Results screen.

She has not actually registered for anything but she gets the message that English 200, section 5 has been removed from her list of preferred sections. When she clicks OK she is taken back to the main student menu. Then she logs out again.

On (or After) Registration Day


Finally, it is time to register. Amy has been to see her advisor and has received permission to register. She logs in and brings up Register and Drop Sections one more time.

She makes her choices about what to actually register for, then clicks SUBMIT. WebAdvisor returns with the Registration Results screen again.

At the very top there are two warnings. The first is that she has already taken and passed English 200 and she cannot receive credit for the course twice. This may be ok – Amy wants to repeat the course for a better grade.

The second is that History 581 is a signature course. Amy should have noticed this before. She will have to go to the Registrar’s Office for a signature card to register for this one.

The next section shows the actual results. She was registered for English 200, History 310, and Math 110. She was not registered for Hist 581.

The lower part of the screen lists all of the courses Amy is registered for – both current semester (Fall, 2003) and the upcoming semester (Spring, 2004).


The last thing Amy does is return to the student main menu and brings up My Class Schedule for the upcoming semester to verify that it is correct.


The schedule is correct but she is having second thoughts about repeating English 200 and decides to drop it. She returns to the Register and Drop Sections Screen and scrolls down to the bottom half of the screen.

She checks the “Drop” box next to English 200, then clicks SUBMIT. WebAdvisor returns with her new schedule.

Note: WebAdvisor will not permit Amy to drop any courses from her current (Fall) schedule. She may only drop courses from the upcoming schedule.

Amy can continue to register for and drop classes with WebAdvisor until the end of the registration period. There will be an additional add/drop period during the last ten days of the semester, and again during the first two weeks of the next semester, however, she will have to use add/drops cards during those periods.