More about the Safety Committee

Under the terms of the College’s workman’s compensation coverage as well as requirements for property and liability insurance, the college is obligated to have a Safety and Health Committee (Safety and Health Committee). The objective of the program is to ensure a safe and healthful work environment for all employees, students, visitors and the general public as well as to protect the buildings, equipment, grounds and other property.

A Safety and Health Committee will report directly to the Vice President of Finance and Administration (VP Finance). When appropriate, the Safety and Health Committee may meet with the Finance and Facilities Committee (FFC), the Allegheny Executive Committee (AEC) or other College groups to help attain these goals. Some of the techniques, or procedures, used by the committee to implement this safety policy shall include, but are not limited to:

1. Assisting with hazard detection and safety inspections of buildings, grounds and work sites on a periodic basis, i.e. via an inspection program.

2. Accident and illness prevention and investigation including review of accident reports with recommended appropriate corrective action, assignment of person responsible and follow-up to confirm compliance.

3. Promoting safety awareness throughout the college.

4. Assisting in the implementation of required safety programs as mandated by law.

5. Periodic review of Safety and Health Committee by-laws, structure and operations.

6. Organizing and/or providing safety training programs for employees.

7. Substance abuse awareness and prevention training.

8. Reviewing appropriate procedures and recommending any changes.

The Safety and Health Committee chairperson(s) will give reports at the regularly scheduled meetings. The Safety and Health Committee chairperson(s) will report to the VP Finance on a regular basis. The VP Finance will provide an annual report to the Allegheny Executive Committee (AEC) regarding the status of the safety and health program.

The complete cooperation of all personnel regarding this program is expected.