File Formats

The table below describes which file types DSpace recognizes.
Description is what most people use as the name for the format. MIME
type is the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type
identifier. Extensions are typical file name extensions (the part after
the dot, for example, the extension for “index.html” is “html”). These
are not case-sensitive in DSpace, so either sample.XML or sample.xml
will be recognized as XML.

For questions about file formats or submitting files to
DSpace, contact Nate Fralick at 332.3361 or email

MIME type
Unknown application/octet-stream (anything not listed) unknown
Microsoft Word application/msword doc known
Adobe PDF application/pdf pdf known
Postscript application/postscript ps, eps, ai known
SGML application/sgml sgm, sgml known
Microsoft Excel application/ xls known
Microsoft Powerpoint application/ ppt known
Microsoft Project application/ mpp, mpx, mpd known
Microsoft Visio application/vnd.visio vsd known
WordPerfect application/wordperfect5.1 wpd known
TeXdvi application/x-dvi dvi known
FMP3 application/x-filemaker fm known
LateX application/x-latex latex known
Photoshop application/x-photoshop psd, pdd known
TeX application/x-tex tex known
AIFF audio/x-aiff aiff, aif, aifc known
audio/basic audio/basic au, snd known
MPEG Audio audio/x-mpeg mpa, abs, mpeg known
RealAudio audio/x-pn-realaudio ra, ram known
WAV audio/x-wav wav known
GIF image/gif gif known
JPEG image/jpeg jpeg, jpg known
PNG image/png png known
TIFF image/tiff tiff, tif known
BMP image/x-ms-bmp bmp known
Photo CD image/x-photo-cd pcd known
HTML text/html html, htm known
Text text/plain txt known
Rich Text Format text/richtext rtf known
XML text/xml xml known
MPEG video/mpeg mpeg, mpg, mpe known
Video Quicktime video/quicktime mov, qt known
MARC application/marc marc, mrc known
Mathematica application/mathematica ma known