Mentor Program

A resource for connecting to the Allegheny Community

The purpose of the Allegheny College Mentor Program is to provide new staff (exempt and non-exempt) a contact outside of their department to assist them in learning more about the College and meeting colleagues outside of their building.

Assigning a Mentor:

Each new employee who has requested a mentor will be assigned a mentor of the same status (i.e., exempt or non-exempt), and works in a different  building as the new employee. Mentors will be assigned only one new employee within a 1—year period.

Mentor Criteria:

To ensure confidentiality, employees interested in serving in a mentor role should submit an application to Human Resources for review. Human Resources will forward qualified applicants to SEC.

  • Full-time staff with at least two years experience may apply to be a mentor
  • Mentor must be an employee whose performance has been documented as satisfactory and is not on any form of progressive improvement plan
  • Mentor participation is strictly voluntary
  • Supervisor approval will be requested when an applicant is assigned to a new employee

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Introduce self and mentor program to the new employee as soon as possible after date of hire
  • Touch base with new employee at least monthly during the first year of employment
  • Introduce new employee to colleagues around campus that they may not have had an opportunity to meet
  • Remind new employee of upcoming staff development and social events and encourage him/her to attend
  • Refer new employee to proper source if there are questions about employee’s department, college policies, etc.

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