Procedures for Requesting Accommodations for Disability

Allegheny College is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities with the opportunity to take full advantage of the College’s programs, activities, services, and facilities.  The Associate Dean for Academic Support & Director of Student Accessibility and Support Services arranges specific accommodations for students with disabilities.  The Director of Student Accessibility (in consultation with other members of the College community as necessary) and the student will work together to identify appropriate academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services, and/or other reasonable accommodation which may be warranted under the particular circumstances.

For the College to respond appropriately to requests for accommodation, students are expected to follow certain guidelines and assume certain responsibilities, including the following:

  1. Students seeking accommodations must document that they are a person with a disability by providing the following information:  the nature and extent of the disability, the functional limitations resulting from the disability, and the accommodation requested.  A full list of documentation guidelines can be found here.  Students must put the request in writing to the The Director of Student Accessibility in the Maytum Center for Student Success, Pelletier Library Box 6 Allegheny College.  Students are responsible for cooperating with the Director of Student Accessibility in an interactive process to identify the appropriate accommodation.
  2. Students should provide current documentation describing how the disability affects or impacts the individual’s  ability to partake in the College’s programs and activities.  In some cases, it may be necessary for the College, with student permission, to contact the medical or health professional providing the report to obtain further information or clarification.  While documentation from professionals may include specific recommendations for accommodation, the College reserves the right to determine what accommodation is reasonable and appropriate within the College setting and within technical and academic requirements of the program.
  3. The College will carefully review information and documentation provided by a student, analyze each student’s individual needs, and engage in an interactive process with the student to determine what accommodation may be reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.  In evaluating and coordinating requests for accommodations, the Director of Student Accessibility may consult with other members of the College Community if and as necessary.
  4. The College need not provide accommodation that would fundamentally alter the essential characteristics or nature of a program.  Likewise, the College need not provide the exact accommodation requested by the student.  The College may provide alternate accommodation as long as they are reasonable and appropriate to make the College’s programs, activities, services and facilities accessible to that individual.
  5. The College has the right to establish qualifications and other essential standards and requirements for its courses, programs, activities, and services.  All students are expected to meet these essential qualifications, standards and requirements, with or without reasonable accommodation.