Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Purpose: ACM will strive to advance the science and arts of information processing including, but not restricted to, the study, design, development, construction, and application of modern machinery, computing techniques, and appropriate languages for general information processing, for scientific retrieval and processing of data of all kinds, and for the automatic control and simulation of processes. Promote the free interchange of information about the sciences and arts of information processing both among specialists and among the public in the best scientific and professional tradition. Develop and maintain the integrity and competence of individuals engaged in the practices of the sciences and arts of information processing. Assist members with academic advising, professional development, and career path opportunities.

Club Email:

Meeting Time: Thursday 7:00 pm, Alden 101 (Biweekly)

President: Nick Tocci, (2018-2019)

Advisor: Janyl Jumadinova, Assistant Professor of Computer Science