Dance Party Event Registration

This form was created to expedite the registration process for dance parties.  Typically, dance parties are held at fraternity or college-owned houses and are open to all Allegheny students and their guests. For event planners, completing this form will assist students in planning a safe event. A student representing the sponsoring organization(s) must submit this form no later than one week prior to the anticipated date of the event. Event sponsors will be notified of the status of the registration (approved or not approved).

Please be aware that all dance parties must meet the following criteria:

  1. Open to Allegheny students and their guests (over the age of 18) only.
  2. No alcohol is permitted at the event.
  3. A hired security guard must be on duty for the duration of the event (this can be an off duty Allegheny or Meadville Police Officer, or a Reinhart or Woodring Security guard).
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