It is important that your activities be welcoming to any who may wish to participate. When scheduling meetings and activities, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is my meeting in a location where anyone can attend, regardless of physical ability?
    • Does my program make an attempt to encompass many points of view, or does it only reflect one way of thinking?
    • Did people with varied perspectives work on this program, and were all of their opinions given equal consideration?
    • Does my organization make an effort to include students of all races, creeds, genders and sexualities, and cultures, or does it exclude certain groups?
    • Am I making a directed effort to recruit and include all students, or only ones who look, think, and/or act like me?
    • Can I co-sponsor this program with another organization that will expand the number and type of perspectives?
    • Am I paying respectful attention to hidden diversities like socio-economic status, developmental differences, geography of origin, learning types, emotional illness, religion, and family status?
  • Get help! If you are struggling with inclusivity, reach out. The IDEAS Center, SLI, your advisor, and many faculty and administrators are open to discussing your programs and offering their advice. Another way to open your events is to collaborate with another organization on campus, especially if you’ve never worked with them before. You can also speak with other students outside your group for fresh ideas.