Reporting Profits. As per the ASG Constitution and Bylaws: ASG recognized organizations conducting fundraisers must submit their earnings to the ASG treasurer.

Selling or Giving Away Food Items? Non-philanthropy fundraisers or food give-aways including sales of donuts, cookies, candy, etc. may be held on the second floor of the Campus Center. If you are Tabling for a college department or student organization philanthropy event the Campus Center lobby tabling tables may be reserved however not with fruit as a give-away or sale item.

The space can be reserved through Scheduler by selecting “Tabling (Main Street).” Include in the Event Description a listing of items being sold. If your group is interested in selling food items other than the above and your preference is to hold the sale in the Campus Center Lobby, please contact Parkhurst Dining Services at x2326 for approval prior to submitting your request through Scheduler.

Safe. For the safety of your members and profits, please utilize the Student Life safe for short-term holding of funds. Access to the drop safe is located outside the Student Life suite in the Campus Center just past meeting room 310, and works as a mail slot. Money can be picked up during normal business hours, and is to be reconciled immediately following the completion of the fundraiser.

Athletic Events. Organizations wishing to hold raffles at Allegheny athletic events must contact Mandy Prusia in the Athletic Department to acquire a form and subsequent approval.