Neuroscience Club

Description: We provide a friendly environment for those who are interested in learning and talking about the highly dynamic and fun field of Neuroscience! Discussions can arise from headline news, videos highlighting interesting neural phenomenon, or a topic in which someone is particularly interested. We strive to take one large trip each year; we have attended the Bodies Exhibit when it was in Buffalo, NY and this past year the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. We also host fundraising events for local charities, such as an event to help families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

Purpose: The Neuroscience Club will strive to promote, educate, and conduct activities that aid the community in gaining a better understanding and appreciation for the field of Neuroscience. We continuously strive to bring together the community with professionals, educators, and students of all disciplines to encourage and support awareness of the brain and how it relates to intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, and brain disorders. In order to strengthen the knowledge and influence of Neuroscience study, we remain intimately involved with current and recent research and provide educational opportunities through means of guest speakers, field experiences, and community outreach. As an interdisciplinary organization, the Neuroscience Club maintains its reach to students, faculty, and professionals of all branches of learning.

Meeting Time: Monday 12:15 pm, Campus Center 206 (Monthly)

President: Mike Siegel, (2017-2018)

AdvisorSarah Conklin, Assistant Professor of Psychology/Neuroscience

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