Association of Caribbean Students

Purpose: The Association of Caribbean Students (ACS) will strive to raise awareness of the rich and diverse cultures of the Caribbean through educational and recreational activities. ACS will be a support group for it’s members. The ACS will also ensure that members have a good understanding of the cultural background of the West Indies, and that there is a sense of unity felt across the Allegheny community with the help of other diverse groups and organizations. We want to ensure that Caribbean students on campus can celebrate the traditions that they practice at home in order to bring them to life, showcase them, and educate those who are interested in their culture. ACS also serves as a home away from home for students who identify as Caribbean, and as a comfortable space of learning for those who don’t. Finally, our organization is dedicated to being a support group and providing safe spaces for its members year round.

Club Email:

President: Natalie Davidson, (2020-2021)

Advisor: Angelica Perez-Johnston, Director of IDEAS center