T-Shirts: Design Tips & Vendors

Design Tips: 

  • Keep the number of fonts limited.
  • Computer generated, and hand-drawn, graphics to be scanned and saved at high resolution.
  • Communicate with the company for best design format, and delivery of graphic.
  • Have a second person proof your design.
    • Are there any misspellings or grammatical errors?
    • Is “Allegheny College” somewhere on the shirt?
    • Is your organization(s) name included?
    • Is there a relevant date(s)?
    • Would someone from the general public understand your shirt?
    • Does the design reflect well upon your group and the college?

Save Money! 

  • Pre-Plan: Order your shirts in advance to avoid rush charges.
  • Limit Colors: Fewer colors require fewer screen set-ups and less time to print.
  • Limit Printing Areas: Each location incurs additional screen and printing charges.
  • Color of T-Shirt Matters: Order white or light colored t-shirts. Printing on dark shirts often requires printing a white “underlay” to avoid the dark t-shirt color bleeding through the design.
  • Quantity: Ordering in larger quantities will reduce the per t-shirt price.
  • Quality: Do not compromise on quality, always order 100% cotton, and purchase brand name, heavyweight t-shirts.

Adapted from: https://www.logosoftwear.com/custom-made/t-shirt/category.php


Bluegill Graphix (Titusville, PA) 814-827-7003 *will deliver to campus
Casteridge Mays Marketing (Erie, PA) 814-833-7988
Creative Imprint Systems (Erie, PA) 814-835-1000 http://www.creativeimprintsystems.com/
Custom Ink (on-line) 800-293-4232 www.customink.com
G & W Engraving (Guys Mills, PA) 814-789-4477
Laurie’s Embroidery (Meadville, PA) 814-337-3324
Potter Silkscreening Co. (Erie, PA) 800-869-7192
Royal Screen Printing (Erie, PA) 814-454-2774
Silk Screen Unlimited (Erie, PA) 800-724-1683