Counseling & Health

The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a place where students can come to discuss concerns, sort out feelings, and get help making choices. The staff is dedicated to helping students succeed academically, work well with others, appreciate Allegheny’s diversity, adjust to a residential college experience, develop a healthy lifestyle, and prepare for life after college. Services are confidential and free to Allegheny students. The number of visits is limited. Students with serious concerns may seek occasional or crisis help from from the Counseling Center, but those visits must always be followed up with treatment by qualified mental health professionals off campus.

Winslow Health Center

Winslow Health Center serves the entire Allegheny student community, including both on- and off-campus residents. The Health Center is open when the College is in session and provides prompt treatment of medical problems as they occur. Nurse practitioners and/or the College physician hold clinic hours Monday through Friday. The Center is equipped for routine diagnosis and treatment. When necessary, students are referred to specialists in Meadville, and there is a medical center within one-half mile of the College that offers complete hospital care and services. Family Planning of Meadville provides reproductive health services at The Health Center and at a clinic nearby. (See “Medical Insurance” in the Student Charges section under Explanation of Fees.)