Sustainability Conference 2012

Allegheny College will host a two-day conference on sustainability on March 30th and 31st, 2012. This event will bring together four eminent researchers, Allegheny students and faculty concerned with investigating the complexities of sustainability in a world becoming ever more interconnected while riven by disagreement about our responsibilities to one another, to future generations, and to all that is not human. Sustainability is about the resilience of individuals, communities, societies, ecosystems, bioregions, food webs, and the earth itself. What conditions are required for these systems to successfully respond to the perturbations to which they are subjected?

The event consists of two main components: four keynote presentations on Friday, March 30 and an undergraduate conference on Saturday, March 31. Keynote presenters will attend the Saturday events. All registered attendees will be provided with lunches, dinners, and refreshments over the two-day conference.