Allegheny/Pitt-MAT Program

Through an exclusive agreement with the University of Pittsburgh School of Education, Allegheny College offers students the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and to obtain Pennsylvania teaching certification.

For more information about the Pitt-MAT Program, contact Kirsten Peterson in ACCEL, (814) 332-2845. Also, more information about specific coursework requirements and application information is available here.

Highlights of the Allegheny/Pitt-MAT program:

Allegheny’s Teacher Preparation Program advisor assists students as early as the first day they arrive on campus. Guidance includes:

  • recommending courses that will best meet the requirements of the Pitt-MAT Program.
  • connecting current students with Allegheny alumni who have found success in teaching careers.
  • making students aware of formal and informal teaching opportunities available to them during their time at Allegheny College.

Allegheny students choose to apply to the Pitt-MAT program during their junior or senior year. Guaranteed admission requires:

  • completion of specific disciplinary coursework.
  • attainment of a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

Admitted students begin the Pitt-MAT Program during the summer immediately following graduation from Allegheny College. Students undertake education coursework throughout the summer. For the duration of the next academic year, students intern with mentor teachers in Pittsburgh area school districts while taking education courses in the evenings.

Students complete the Pitt-MAT Program in 13 calendar months, and typically have secured positions in schools by the end of this time.