Unusual Combinations Profiles

Communication Arts, Music, Basketball and History

After other schools told her that it would be impossible to be a music major and still play basketball, Ally Weiner was relieved to find that Allegheny supported all of her interests. A double major in Communication Arts and Music and a minor in History, Ally certainly stays busy but finds that the structure of practice and rehearsals help her stay on task.

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Creative Writing, Physics, Tang Soo Do and Role-playing Games

When Vyasar Ganesan arrived at Allegheny he knew that he wanted to pursue writing. However, after exploring his interest in Physics and eventually becoming a physics minor, he was able to apply that to Creative Writing to focus in Creative Non-Fiction. Vyasar also practices Tang Soo Do through the Dance and Movement Studies department at Allegheny and attributes his growth in storytelling to being a Dungeon Master in Allegheny’s Roleplaying and Gaming Organization.

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Biology and Religious Studies

Sarah Labarre ’14 has the unusual combination of being a Biology major, Religious Studies minor and playing in Orchestra.

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Environmental Science, Spanish and Dance

Bethany Walker ’13 has the unusual combination of being an Environmental Science major, double minor in Spanish and Dance and Movement Studies, and a member of Orchesis and the Dance Team.

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I volunteer, y yo viajo

Whether Erika Almquist (Lexington, MA) is training on wooded trails or interning with a local physician assistant, sipping coffee in one of Meadville’s quaint cafes or serving it at Grounds for Change, the student-run coffeehouse in the new campus center, she loves the local opportunities that life at Allegheny affords. “I really do love the area—I love all the 45-minute drives from here, passing the Amish buggies, going up to Lake Erie.”

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I’m proper, and I’m profane

Shakespeare one night, Jerry Springer the next—a weird combination to some, but to English Professor Jim Bulman, it’s a wonderful illustration of the range of professional theatre. It’s also how the students on the travel seminar Dr. Bulman led spent their first two nights in England: seeing Jerry Springer, The Opera the night after seeing a multicultural, modern-dress performance of Shakespeare’s Henry V.

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I spin records, and frisbees

Whether Drew Carlisle (Nashville, TN) is dissecting the rhetoric of Plato’s Republic or discussing the subtle distinctions of a long continuous track by an ambient rock group, this International Studies major and French and Chemistry double minor appreciates the ability to approach a subject from a variety of angles. “One of the reasons I like what I’m studying so much is that I feel like I get a nice balance between right brain and left brain kinds of thinking. I feel like I’m constantly being encouraged to think outside the box.”

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I run service projects, and marathons

Majoring in economics was the perfect way for Eileen Gallagher to prepare for a career in social justice. “I can assess a situation and come up with various solutions as a result of the practice gained doing this with economic models or problems during my time at Allegheny,” she says. “I want to use the foundation that I gained in my economics major to create change in the world.”

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I represent, and I rock

As a senator for the Allegheny Student Government, Sara Jamshidi (Beaver, PA) addresses student issues ranging from curricular concerns to Springfest fun.

In fact, she was on the Artist Hospitality Committee responsible for hosting this year’s headlining band, The Roots, when they came to campus.

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I’m into science, and service

Kristin Khor (Bayan Lepas, Malaysia) has two passions in life: science and service. A double major in Biochemistry and Psychology, Khor spent her junior year studying at Oxford University. And she’s still found the time to serve as a Peer Project Leader at a local nursing home and to volunteer on projects both local and global.

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I manage, and I mentor

Robert Marchman is a success. As an executive vice president of the New York Stock Exchange, and the department head in the Exchange’s Division of Market Surveillance, he has one of the top financial jobs in the country. “We’re responsible for regulating the individuals who trade securities, making sure they act appropriately on behalf of customers—it’s vital to the integrity of the marketplace.” Or to put it another way, it’s vital to America’s economic way of life.

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I defend, and I debate

Charging down the field as a member of Allegheny’s varsity lacrosse team, cradling the ball in her crosse, Jamiel Maze (Cleveland, OH) has her sights set on a clear goal. Before Allegheny, Jamiel thought her goals were equally clear off the field. “Coming to college I was sure of my career path. I would earn an M.D. and Ph.D. so that I could do research in pediatric oncology.” But, while fulfilling her pre-med requirements, Jamiel had a number of life-changing experiences.

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I’m a medical student, and a musician

The demands of medical school haven’t stopped Chris Morgan from pursuing his passion for music. “I play guitar in church,” says the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine student, “and have set up a live performance night for other LECOM students to show off their musical talents. I really enjoy giving back to people as well, which I think will be very pertinent when I get to practice medicine.”

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I dance, and I dig

Just a year after Rachel O’Brien was hired as a geology professor at Allegheny, she proposed a new class…in the dance department. The result is fast becoming an Allegheny and Meadville tradition: Every Wednesday night Allegheny students, faculty and staff, their families, and members of the larger Meadville community take part in lively, fast-paced contra dancing that traces its roots to the British Isles.

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I love the outdoors, and economics

Aarish Riaz (Karachi, Pakistan) never expected he’d become a seasoned kayaker and rockclimber—but it only took a few days at Allegheny College for him to begin exploring those interests. After an exhilarating climbing and whitewater-rafting trip with the Allegheny Outing Club, Aarish realized he had found a new passion.

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I interview, and I interpret

When Lauren Rodgers (Pittsburgh, PA) interviews for jobs in the world of finance, she’ll be able to show potential employers not one, but two projects that are graduate-school quality. As a double major in math and international studies with a minor in German, Lauren finished a Senior Project in math using group theory to estimate the number of permutations in a fifteen-piece game, and an international studies Senior Project concerning the implications of German reunification on the former cities of East and West Berlin.

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I’m contemplative, and I’m competitive

When Seth Walbridge (Conneaut, OH) came to Allegheny, he knew he wanted to major in something that would prepare him for medical school—which is why he has gone on to major in biochemistry. What he didn’t know was that he’d double major in religious studies.

“Originally I wasn’t even going to take a course in religion, but I took one my first semester and it ended up being my favorite course.”

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