Drew Carlisle

Whether Drew Carlisle (Nashville, TN) is dissecting the rhetoric of Plato’s Republic or discussing the subtle distinctions of a long continuous track by an ambient rock group, this international studies major and French and chemistry double minor appreciates the ability to approach a subject from a variety of angles.

“One of the reasons I like what I’m studying so much is that I feel like I get a nice balance between right brain and left brain kinds of thinking. I feel like I’m constantly being encouraged to think outside the box.” When it comes to his weekly two-hour show on WARC , the campus radio station, it sounds like Drew is more keen on redefining the box altogether. “We try not to play any of the music you hear on mainstream radio.”

Or maybe a box is the wrong shape to use as a metaphor for Drew. Records aren’t the only things Drew spins: He’s also on the Ultimate Frisbee team, a club team that travels to a number of regional tournaments. Drew plans to take advantage of his international studies major and French minor to study abroad at some point, but for now, he’s thrilled to be where he is. “Allegheny is filled with people who really do want to learn. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here.”