Jamiel Maze

Charging down the field as a member of Allegheny’s varsity lacrosse team, cradling the ball in her crosse, Jamiel Maze (Cleveland, OH) has her sights set on a clear goal. Before Allegheny, Jamiel thought her goals were equally clear off the field. “Coming to college I was sure of my career path. I would earn an M.D. and Ph.D. so that I could do research in pediatric oncology.” But, while fulfilling her pre-med requirements, Jamiel had a number of life-changing experiences.

She took an English class where she found that she thrived on the open discussions and debate. She attended a leadership conference called LeaderShape; she co-hosted a fund-raising event for the Ronald McDonald House Charity; and she took an Allegheny College-funded trip to a national black leadership conference. “This was an amazing experience as we learned how to reach our full potential on predominately white campuses.” Soon, Jamiel was voted president of the Advancement for Black Culture, one of the diversity groups on campus.

She had found new ways to make an impact in the world, and as a result Jamiel changed direction in her academic life as adroitly as she does on the lacrosse field. She decided to major in English with a double minor in French and Black Studies. “Allegheny has shown me that college is not always about living out your dreams; sometimes it’s about finding them first.”