Lauren Rodgers

When Lauren Rodgers (Pittsburgh, PA) interviews for jobs in the world of finance, she’ll be able to show potential employers not one, but two projects that are graduate-school quality.

As a double major in math and international studies with a minor in German, Lauren finished a Senior Project in math using group theory to estimate the number of permutations in a fifteen-piece game, and an international studies Senior Project concerning the implications of German reunification on the former cities of East and West Berlin.

What’s more, a chapter of her second project is written entirely in German. It’s an accomplishment made possible by Lauren’s semester abroad attending the University of Cologne in Germany. “It completely changed my perspective, living with a traditional German family. It changed how I see other countries and my own. It’s so important to see how other people live.” Add in Lauren’s contribution to Allegheny’s Best Delegation-winning Model NATO team this past year in Washington, D.C., and her leadership position as education chair of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and it’s easy to see how a number of unusual combinations will add up to one outstanding job applicant.