New WordPress Features

Web Communications is very excited to announce several new features rolling out into WordPress.

User interface additions

The user interface has been reorganized, given a visual upgrade, and had several new features included:

Details on how to use Styles and Tables can be found in the WordPress Guide here and here.

Short Code

We are making several new “short codes” available. What are short codes? Basically, it is a piece of code, wrapped in brackets, placed in the editor making what used to be difficult, easy. The only example of this before was using short code to embed Wufoo forms, but now short code can be used to create:

  • Buttons
  • Text boxes
  • Columns
  • Stylized quotes
  • Section breaks

For instruction on how to use short code, check out the WordPress Guide! link

Image Sliders

Image sliders have been implemented as a feature on several of Allegheny’s WordPress sites. An example of the slider in action can be found in Geology’s website.

Not all sites have the slider enabled, but for websites that do, editors are able to edit and change content. Instruction for the image slider can be found in the WordPress Guide. link

Visual Editor Visual Upgrade

The visual editor, which is where editors write content, has been styled to more closely reflect what the final page will look like live on the site. You should be able to know almost exactly what the content will look like before you hit the publish button.


WordPress Version Upgrade

We have recently upgraded WordPress to the latest version and you might have already noticed some of the changes. A major change is how WordPress allows editors can upload images. WordPress now allows a drag-and-drop feature that will allow you to upload multiple images simultaneously.

A more thorough walk-through can be found in the images guide page of the WordPress Guide.

We’re always working to improve the features included in Allegheny College’s WordPress and we’ll make further announcements as they are rolled out. That’s all for now!