Frequently Asked Questions About

Thank you to everyone in the campus community who submitted feedback about the newly redesigned Allegheny College home page.

Feedback Summary, by percentage:
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Below, you will answers to some common questions that we received and a log of changes that we made in response to your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

It would be nice to highlight (event / program / initiative) in the large slider at the top of the page.

You’re reading our minds. :)

That’s exactly the idea behind the sliders: a flexible space in which we can highlight the latest and greatest happenings in the classroom, accolades the college receives, student research accomplishments, athletic achievements, alumni achievements, visit opportunities for prospective students, etc.

With the use of great photography and bold, typically non-Allegheny colors (pink and orange and green), we have an opportunity to shine a great spotlight on our awesome community.

The new home page highlights the (department name) Department. Will it always be something from that one department?

Great question. The “spotlight” will change each week. Our vision for that spot is that it will often feature an overview of a particular academic department, but we will also be able to highlight other initiatives and achievements (research accomplishments, interdisciplinary programs, etc.).

Can you add (name of website) to the A-to-Z list of campus resources on the Resources website?

As a result of some great help from the community, we added the following links on Thursday April 4th:

  • Backgrounds
  • Bookstore
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Help Desk
  • Honor Code
  • Informer
  • President’s Office
  • Provost, Dean of the College
  • Report a Concern
  • Scheduler
  • Statement of Community
  • Strategic Plan
  • Student Disability Services
  • Wufoo

Why doesn’t the home page have a link for (current student resource)?

On-campus audiences (current students, faculty, administrators, and staff) should think of My Allegheny as their home page.

The primary audiences for the main home page at are those that are outside of campus: prospective students & their families, prospective faculty & staff, interested community members, etc.

Given that philosophy, the home page is intentionally an overview, rather than a comprehensive directory, with its simplified navigation acting as a hub to get to other audience-specific “home pages”:

  • My Allegheny, the very first link on the page, directing on-campus users to their most relevant needs
  • Admissions, for prospective students
  • Academics, for anyone interested in learning more about our programs
  • Alumni, directing alums to Alumni Affairs which itself is a hub to a robust collection of resources for our proud alumni
  • etc.

Regarding the “Photo of the Week”… Can it link to more information about the photo? Can people submit photos for consideration?

Yes and yes.

We’re changing the Photo of the Week on the home page to link to more explanation about the particular photo and also a gallery of past “winners”.

The Photo of the Week on the home page will actually be the same photo that we feature as our “Photo Friday” winner on Facebook and Twitter. (Just another way we’re trying to bridge the gap between different resources)

Other changes and fixes:

  • Changed the title of the academic spotlight to make it more clear that the “spotlight” will not always feature the same department. (Old: “Art Department Spotlight”. New: “Department Spotlight: Art”.) – (4/8/13)
  • Fixed a bug where the social media icons weren’t loading in Firefox – (4/8/13)
  • Made the “Give to Allegheny” links in the header and footer bolder – (4/5/13)
  • Added small sliders for “Make a gift online” and “About this site” – (4/5/13)
  • Fixed the links for “Offices” and “Student Resources” in the top bar – (4/4/13)
  • Fixed the link for the “Learn More” button in the By The Numbers section – (4/3/13)