Mobile Friendly My Allegheny

The Allegheny College family of websites has continued to evolve in many exciting ways lately, including in April when we launched a redesign of the home page.  One reason this launch was exciting is because it was our first “mobile first” website, which is a way of saying the website works great and looks great no matter what device you’re using, from mobile to desktop. During that same time, we revealed that mobile first web design will be our new focus, meaning that we intend to have the vast majority of new websites that we launch to be mobile friendly. Any website under should work on any device, from mobile to desktop.

So, we’re excited to announce our latest progress in meeting our goal: My Allegheny. On first glance, you might take a look and think it basically looks the same (on desktop at least). This is intentional. Instead of completely redesigning the website like we did for the home page, we looked to keep the fairly new design of My Allegheny, and add support for smaller devices.

My Allegheny desktop and mobile will keep all of the same features
My Allegheny’s look and feel is kept alive on mobile phones

Part of our mobile first philosophy is that websites viewed on mobile devices should not be compromised in its usability, features, or design. That was our main concern with how the My Allegheny functioned (or didn’t function) on mobile devices before. The only feature that was present was the news feed, which didn’t make sense for the majority of users that used the site in many other ways.

Before and After
The before version My Allegheny website is missing a lot of features, which are now present

So, again, this is another preview to what we have in store this year for the entirety of the websites. In the mean time, let us know what you think of the newest change to My Allegheny by clicking on the following button and filling out the form.


Allegheny website feedback form