Web Server Migration – Success!

Photo by Serge Melki
Photo by Serge Melki

For the last few months, Web Communications has worked closely with our colleagues in Technical & Network Services to plan and carry out a migration of our website from one web server to another. That changeover happened yesterday, Wednesday July 17th, and went great. All of the public-facing pieces of Allegheny’s website are now up-and-running on the new server.

What does that mean for you?

WordPress Editors

There will be no change whatsoever to your process. You will go to the same address to login, use the same username and password, and everything about the experience will the same.

(For a refresher on processes, procedures, tutorials, etc. visit our Web Editors Guide. And if you need followup training or additional assistance, let us know via our Training Request Form.)

Website Readers/Visitors

The biggest change is something that you will hopefully never, ever notice: stability. The new server gives us better redundancy and scalability. What does that mean? In the event of a spike in traffic, the website will be fine. If problems occur (it’s rare, but it happens) with our primary web server, we seamlessly transition over to a secondary server. And if some software update breaks things, we can easily revert to a previous version thanks to robust back-ups.

Wrapping Up

If you do notice anything strange with the website, let us know by emailing: web@allegheny.edu.

Thank you to all of our WordPress editors for your patience during our brief downtime and thanks to everyone involved in the migration process, most of all Tim and Doug in TNS.