Website Design Update

I hope everyone had a great summer and a smooth transition back into classes and all the fun that comes with a busy, buzzing campus!

WordPress Theme Update

When I last emailed you in the spring, I announced that we were starting development on a new design for any website that lives within WordPress. That development work is now complete and the big day has arrived: we are starting to roll out the new theme this week!

Here is the current plan for roll-out:

  • There are just over 150 sites that we’ll need to convert to the new design.
  • We will need to apply the new theme one site at a time in order to properly test that everything works as planned.
  • We are prioritizing sites that live within the “families” of websites that are represented by the new global navigation on the home page: Admissions, Academics, About Allegheny, and Alumni. Our plan is to have the 70 or so sites that fall under that umbrella transitioned by Friday, October 4th — and continue to proceed from there.


What This Means For You

When your site is transitioned, we’ll send you an email to let you know the new design is live. With that announcement, we’ll send you a link to a special Wufoo form through which you can submit any bugs/issues/problems that you see. Please use that form (vs. emailing one of us individually) as the form results will automatically enter into our bug-tracking system, accessible by the whole team.

As for editors… Everything you do will continue to work the exact same way. Have no fear!

We are introducing a few exciting new features. We will share more about those features in the coming weeks:

  • We will have an opportunity to meet with Building Coordinators at your October Instructional Technology luncheon. (Exact date TBA.) Thanks to Mike & Helen for their assistance with this!
  • For those of you that do not attend those lunches, we will plan to introduce new features to you in the very near future as well. In November, we are starting annual website reviews which will provide us an opportunity to meet with you, talk about your web wishes and concerns, answer questions you may have, etc. (More on that — including a full schedule — coming soon!)
  • We will also continually update our online Web Editors Guide to reflect any changes that we’ve made and instructions for how to use the new features.

Thank you all in advance for your patience as we implement the new design. We are very excited about it and we know you will be, too!

Jesse Lavery & Sean O’Connor