FormBuilder Shutdown

As per the announcement last month, Computing Services has shutdown the FormBuilder tool effective today.  We believe we have reached out to everyone who was still using the system to assist with the transition, but please contact us if we missed you on that communication.

The functionality in FormBuilder is replicated in two commonly used products on campus, Wufoo and Google Spreadsheets. Google Spreadsheets and Forms are available to all members of the campus community. If additional functionality is required, contact Jason Ramsey in AIS regarding access to Allegheny’s Wufoo form builder.

Jesse told you in the last post that you should want an account on Wufoo.  He’s right.  Wufoo is awesome.  It allows you to set up a webpage with a form in it to collect reservations, take a poll, coordinate contact that otherwise would be a lot of paper or email to process.  But, if you’re an Allegheny student, faculty member, or employee, you have a tool right now at your finger tips in Google Apps called Google Forms that is darn near equally awesome.  Watch this quick introduction from Google about how easy it is to turn a regular Google Spreadsheet into an online form.


If you’re currently a WordPress editor and you’d like to embed a form in your site, contact Jason Ramsey in Murray Hall (AIS) to arrange for a Wufoo account or training.   Wufoo plays nicely with other systems like WordPress, so it’s our advice to use Wufoo for public-facing sites.  However, if you’re just looking for a quick way to collect information among your fellow students and staff, Google Forms is already there, waiting for you to use.