Buttons, Columns, & Quotes

Short codes are short pieces of code that allows editors to quickly add features to their site. Here are some short codes that are currently featured in Allegheny’s WordPress family of websites.

Button Short Code

Buttons can be added to a page to make a link stand out by adding the button short code.


[button url=”http://google.com”]Google[/button]

The blue, medium button is default. The button can be modified using the following attributes:

  • color: (optional) blue is the other color available
  • url: web address that the button should point to

Gold buttons:

Allegheny Home

Blue buttons

Allegheny Home


The columns short code allows you to place content in columns. Up to three columns are supported:

Content for column one

Content for column two

Content for the last column

Short code for two columns:


[one-half last=”y”]Second Column[/one-half]

Short code for three columns:


[one-third]First Column[/one-third]
[one-third]Second Column[/one-third]
[one-third last=”y”]Third Column[/one-third]

The last=”y” attribute has be included in the last opening tag in column short code.

Profile Quotes

You can use profile quotes to break up text and put emphasis on interesting quotes by using the quote shortcode:

“The quote shortcode is a great way to showcase quotes”

—Sean O’Connor


[quote]This is a quote[/quote]
[name]Albert Einstein[/name]