Alicia Watts

“In an introductory Women’s Studies class, I became interested in how sex and gender have shaped popular culture and decided to develop a double major with that and History. And I’ve learned through my courses that you do not necessarily have to be an activist in order to be a feminist—you can follow your own individual goals and interests.”

— Alicia Watts

“I’ll never forget my first day of freshman year at Allegheny College,” claims Alicia Watts. “It was move-in day, and I was so nervous and still unsure about whether I had made the right choice. But within the first couple of hours on campus I knew I made the right decision and met people who I’m sure I’ll be friends with forever. I love all the different types of people at Allegheny – everyone is unique in their own way.”

Now a more experienced member of Allegheny’s community, Alicia has flourished in her own way by becoming a Women’s Studies and History double major. Interested in how past events can influence the future, Alicia arrived at Allegheny wanting to be a History major, but she soon decided to add Women’s Studies courses to her academic path.

“I first thought about being a Women’s Studies major after my introduction class,” said Alicia. “I became really interested in how sex and gender have shaped popular culture, and because of this amazing school, I was able to pursue my love and interest for Women’s Studies and develop a double major with that and History.”

Alicia’s other interest within the Women’s Studies field includes the impact of women on World War II, which led her to intern at the International Women’s Air and Space Museum. In addition to her courses and off-campus experiences, Alicia’s extracurricular activities included tutoring for America Reads and serving as the Vice President of Fundraising for Alpha Chi Omega.

In the future, Alicia hopes to participate in an Americorps program before attending either graduate school or law school. She believes that her Women’s Studies courses have helped her to develop a more diversified mindset that will help her immensely in the real world.

“I’m not a Women’s Studies major who is involved with clubs such as Reproco or Young Feminists, and I used to think that was bad because I was not necessarily practicing what I was preaching,” Alicia explains. “But, through my courses, I’ve learned that you do not necessarily have to be an activist in order to be a feminist – you can form your own individual set of beliefs. Being a Women’s Studies major at Allegheny has been a very personalized experience for me, and I’ve definitely become a more well-rounded person because of it.”