Youth Voices

Building a sustainable and YearofMeadville-logo-no-opacityjust future depends on young people using their voices and getting involved in the life of our town. 

This month’s events will focus on youth voice and building infrastructures for youth-led civic engagement and leadership.

Project VOICE

Spoken Word Performance

Thursday, November 12, 8 pm
Shafer Auditorium

For audiences who are DSC_5457new to the medium, this performance is the perfect introduction to the magic of Spoken Word Poetry, but for long-time Spoken Word fans, this show also promises to surprise and reinvigorate a love of the art. Armed with only a microphone, award-winning Project VOICE. performers Phil Kaye and Franny Choi are champions of vulnerability, cheerleaders for the unexpected, and ruthless flashlights for all your heart’s nooks and crannies.

Professional Development Workshop

Thursday, November 12, 4pm
Allegheny College Collaboratory

Project VOICE is responsible for bringing spoken word poetry into hundreds of classrooms around the world. Their time-tested teaching techniques creatively approach spoken word poetry as a tool for literacy, empowerment, engagement, education, and community-building that can be used in classrooms across content areas. Educators from Allegheny College, Crawford Central School District, and the Meadville area interested in learning how this art form can be incorporated into their classrooms and community can register here.

Student Workshops

Friday, November 13

This workshop takes participants on an intimate and hands-on tour of spoken word poetry, leaving them with the tools they need to begin writing and performing their own work. Tackling terrifying questions like “What can I write about?” to “How do I perform well?”, this crash course is designed to give participants an opportunity to whet their palates and dip their toes in the pool of Spoken Word Poetry. Interested Allegheny students can register here.

Community Open Mic Night

Friday, November 13, 8pm
The Academy Theatre Lounge

Join us as we come together to share the art created over the course of Project VOICE’s two-day visit. All are welcome to share their spoken word pieces!

Duos-Duos-0054Project VOICE uses spoken word poetry to entertain, educate, and inspire. Through award-winning performances and innovative workshops, Project VOICE is dedicated to promoting empowerment, improving literacy, and encouraging empathy and creative collaboration in classrooms and communities around the world. Project VOICE has a lasting impact; students come away from a Project VOICE visit with a higher motivation to create, a belief in their own voice, and a desire to share and listen to each other’s stories. Project VOICE will be visiting Meadville thanks to the hard work and vision of Gabby Miller, Meadville Area High School senior, who wanted to share the power of spoken word with her community.

Dana Wilson

Youth-Led Social Change Workshop

Saturday, November 21, 10am – 4:30pm
MNC Pop-Up Gallery (The Eldred Building), 275 Chestnut St. 

High school students and Meadville-area educators are invited to participate in this day-long workshop focused on youth-led social change. This interactive workshop will serve as the starting point for a youth-led leadership program. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Any high school students or educators interested in participating should contact

Youth Development to Youth-led Social Change

Monday, November 23, 7pm
Allegheny College Collaboratory (second floor of Pelletier), 555 N. Main St.

Dana Wilson, M.A. in Educational Leadership and Administration, will discuss the shifting trend in youth development from a deficiency model to an empowerment model, which benefits both youth outcomes and community impact through youth-led systemic change initiatives. Wilson is the Vice President of Bridge Builders, a 28 year-old program that serves diverse youth from Greater Memphis, TN, that has developed a youth-led social change model. Wilson has led efforts in program design, curriculum development, staff training and evaluation. Speaking from experience in the field and action research, Wilson will explore how this work can be implemented in other local communities, such as Meadville.