Keynote Events

Anya Kamaenetz

DIY U: The Coming Transformation of Higher Education

April 2nd at 7pm
Ford Chapel, Allegheny College

Co-Sponsored by Allegheny Student Government (ASG)

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Jonathan Kozol

Fire in the Ashes: The Deepening Crisis in Our Public Schools — Victims and Survivors

October 17th at 7pm
Shafer Auditorium, Allegheny College

Co-sponsored by Allegheny’s Black Studies, Values Ethics and Social Action (VESA), and Women’s Studies programs along with the William Beazell Memorial Fund.

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Bill Strickland

Make the Impossible Possible

January 30th at 7pm
Ford Chapel, Allegheny College

Co-sponsored by the William Beazell Memorial Fund and the Neighborhood Center.

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