Passport Challenge

Where do I get my Passport?

All on-campus community members (students, staff, and faculty) should receive their Year of Transforming Education (YoTE) Passports via campus mail.

Members of the Meadville-area community can pick up Passports at one of the following locations: the circulation desk at Pelletier Library at Allegheny College; the front desk at the YMCA in Meadville; the front counter at the Market House in Meadville; the main lobby of the Chamber of Commerce in the Founders House on the Diamond in Meadville; the first floor circulation desk at the Meadville Area Public Library.

What do I do with my Passport?

Bring your Passport with you to the ten, Year of Transforming Education events highlighted on the Passport (and listed below). When you enter the event, present your Passport to one of the student ambassadors who will stamp your Passport for that event.

Once you have attended all the YoTE events you plan to attend, make sure you have entered your contact information on the page indicated so that we can contact you when the prize drawings have been completed. Then, please send them in to Cindy Hoesch, Box 39, Carnegie Hall, Allegheny College. All passports should be received by May 1st to be eligible for the prize drawings.

What can I win?

We will hold two levels of prize drawings as described below.

Level 1:

Attend 3 of 9 events for change to win t-shirts, mugs, keychains or other similar prizes.

Level 2:

Attend 6 or 9 events for chance to win a laptop, iPod, various gift certificates or other similar prizes.

Level 3

9 for 9! Attend all 9 events to receive a t-shirt and be entered into the Level 2 raffle.

Passport Challenge Events:

September 24: Aimee Knupsky & Stephanie Martin
High Impact Practices: Community-based learning and Undergraduate Research

October 17: Jonathan Kozol
Fire in the Ashes: The Deepening Crisis in Our Public Schools ‘ Victims and Survivors

October 30: Andre Perry
The High Stakes of National Education Policy

November 12: Mike Hurley & Helen McCullough
Digital Futures: Rethinking the Traditional Scholarly Paradigm

January 28: TJ Eatmon & Jim Palmer
Creeks, Cafeterias and Classrooms : Innovative Education for Sustainability

January 30: Bill Strickland
Make the Impossible Possible

February 28: David Malone
Pittsburgh Promise: Civic Responsibility in Education

March 11: Eleanor Weisman & Jan Hyatt
Democracy and Excellence – are They Compatible?

April 2: Anya Kamenetz Diy U
The Coming Transformation of Higher Education

Thank You to Our Passport Challenge Sponsors!

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  • Dean of Students Office, Allegheny College
  • Christian Allison ’83. Entrepreneur in Residence, Allegheny College