Staff Advisory Committee

The Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) is elected to represent the interests, opinions and concerns of the non-exempt staff by communicating these concerns to the Allegheny Executive Committee (AEC). For more information on the purpose of this committee, click on BYLAWS and refer to Section 1 (Purpose).

The SAC meets the first Thursday of each month in Campus Center 303. Meetings are open to members of the campus community. If you have a suggestion or a concern, please contact a member of SAC.

Current Members for 2018-2019

  • Linda Lees – Chair
  • Ruth Dunton – Vice Chair
  • Rhonda Hershelman – Treasurer
  • Christine Bell – Secretary
  • Amanda Allen, Communication Arts/Theatre, Vukovich Center Coordinator
  • Christine Bell, Registrar’s Office, Curricular Services Coordinator
  • Reese Campbell, Modern & Classical Languages, Ruter Hall Coordinator
  • Ruth Dunton, Physics/Environmental Science, Carr Hall Coordinator
  • Rhonda Hershelman, Allegheny Gateway, Office Manager
  • Sarah Holt, Economics/Political Science, Quigley Hall Coordinator
  • Jennifer Kessner, Allegheny Gateway, Office Manager
  • Pauline Lanzine, Geology/Computer Science, Alden Hall Coordinator
  • Linda Lees, Development Office, Office Manager
  • Kelly Wright, Physical Plant, Office Coordinator
  • Tricha Young, Student Leadership & Involvement, Office Manager