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The deadline for first-year applications for Fall 2019 has been extended to March 20. Please contact us at regarding applying after this deadline.

Allegheny Application Portal – or – Common Application – or – The Coalition Application

If using The Coalition or Common Application, be sure to add Allegheny to your list of schools and submit once you have completed all sections of your profile and college specific questions.

All other credentials should be submitted via the same system as your application (e.g. if you submit the Allegheny Application, your Teacher Recommendation cannot be requested/submitted via the Common App website and must be done via the Allegheny Application Portal or in person).

Please note, online applications may not perform adequately with older web browsers like Internet Explorer 11.

Required Materials

Personal Essay

As part of either application listed above, your essay is an opportunity to express your individual creativity and personal qualities to the admission and scholarship committees. Please review the suggested topics and submit a carefully-composed essay.

Counselor Recommendation / School Report

Request the School Report form and a written recommendation from your high school guidance office.

Send email request via Allegheny App Portal
Send email request via Coalition (only if applying via Coalition Application)
Send email request via Common App (only if applying via Common App)
Download Guidance Counselor Recommendation Form  (complete the top section in advance)


High School Transcript & College Course Transcripts
Request that your guidance counselor forward an official copy of your high school transcript to Allegheny College along with the Guidance Recommendation/School Report (see previous item). In addition to your high school transcript, please share a copy and request the Common Application Mid-year Report from your counselor once your grades are available. As a courtesy, provide a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to your counselor. If you have taken college courses for credit, forward an official transcript from the appropriate institution.

Transferring Credits
Credits for advanced work completed in high school may be eligible for transfer according to the conditions outlined under the section titled “Academic Regulations” in the College Catalogue. Students may also earn college credit by achieving a 4 or 5 acceptable score on the AP exam (4 or 5), College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. Allegheny also accepts most “College in High School” credits.

Teacher Recommendation

Request at least one recommendation from a teacher who has taught you in a major subject (English, history, mathematics, science or foreign language). You are welcome to submit more than one recommendation which will be considered as part of the review process.

Send email request via Allegheny App Portal
Send email request via Coalition (only if applying via Coalition Application)
Send email request via Common Application (only if applying via Common App)
Download Teacher Evaluation Form (complete the top section in advance)

In keeping with our long-standing tradition, and pursuant to our mission and the Allegheny College Prize for Civility, we value students’ right to peacefully and respectfully engage in meaningful civic expression. As a result, Allegheny’s Office of Admissions does not penalize applicants disciplined for participating in such endeavors.

Statement of Community
Allegheny students and employees are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful and safe residential learning community that will actively confront and challenge racism, sexism, heterosexism, religious bigotry, and other forms of harassment and discrimination. We encourage individual growth by promoting a free exchange of ideas in a setting that values diversity, trust and equality. So that the right of all to participate in a shared learning experience is upheld, Allegheny affirms its commitment to the principles of freedom of speech and inquiry, while at the same time fostering responsibility and accountability in the exercise of these freedoms. This statement does not replace existing personnel policies and codes of conduct.

Optional Materials

Standardized Test Scores

Allegheny College is Test Optional.

Students who apply for admission will not be required to submit ACT or SAT scores with the application. The Admissions staff will focus on other important indicators—overall high school performance, character, determination, and love of learning. Allegheny became test optional with the 2015-16 application cycle.

Learn More: Why test optional?

Beginning with the tests administered in March 2016, the College Board has redesigned the SAT. Applicants for Fall 2018 may submit scores from this new version of the SAT, the previous version from prior to March 2016, or both. We will continue our policy of superscoring , but can superscore only among results from pre-March 2016 tests OR among test results from post-March 2016. Test scores from the old version and new version cannot be combined. However, we will use the concordance charts provided by the College Board to compare and determine your highest score.

Test scores are just one of the many factors that we will take into consideration as we get to know you better. While we are test optional, we encourage applicants for admission to submit their test scores if they feel the scores are an accurate representation of their potential for success at Allegheny. While the SAT test may have changed, Allegheny’s commitment to its test-optional policy remains.

Submit Your SATs (code: 2006) | Submit Your ACTs (code: 3520) | Submit Your TOEFLs

Standardized Test Scores remain a requirement for home-schooled students and Non-US citizens and Non-US permanent residents.

Note that it is not necessary to send your scores via SAT or ACT if you confirm with your school that your test scores are included on your high school transcript.

Admissions interview (on- or off-campus)

Prospective students and their families are strongly encouraged to visit the Allegheny campus to appraise the College’s educational programs, campus atmosphere, and physical facilities. Although a meeting with a member of the Admissions staff is not a requirement, this conversation can provide both the student and the College with a deeper insight into the character and personality of each other. Meetings with members of the faculty or with other member of the Allegheny community can also be scheduled upon request. Find out more and plan your visit.


Bring your application to life with ZeeMee! Allegheny College is excited to partner with ZeeMee, a free service that helps students bring their applications to life. We are committed to reviewing every applicant as a unique individual. Simply copy and paste your ZeeMee link into the Allegheny College application or Common Application. Sign up today at!

Important Dates
Date Event / Deadline
October 1 FAFSA Is Available
November 15 Early Decision I App Deadline
December 1 Early Action App Deadline / Spring Transfer App Deadline
February 1 Early Decision II App Deadline
February 15 Regular Decision App Deadline *extended to March 20*
February 15 FAFSA Preferred Submission Date
February Financial Aid Package Mailed
March 15 Regular Decision Notification Deadline
May 1 Enrollment Deposit Deadline
July 1 Fall Transfer App Deadline

Complete form via Coalition Application  | Access via Common Application | Download Allegheny Version (and mail/email/fax)
The ED Agreement Form is required to confirm a student’s status as an Early Decision applicant.

International student must complete the International Student Certification of Finance Form in addition to the previous steps.

For Native English Speaking International Applicants only:

Allegheny College requires the submission of the SAT or ACT scores. It is not necessary to submit the TOEFL or IELTS.

For Non-Native English Speaking International Applicants only:

Allegheny College requires the submission of TOEFL or IELTS scores to determine English proficiency. Even if you have taken the SAT or ACT, you must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Anyone wishing to take a class without enrolling on a full-time basis should consult our non-degree page.