Early Admission for High School Juniors

Early Admission is for highly qualified juniors in high school who apply to Allegheny a year early. It’s ideal for mature, responsible juniors who have exhausted the courses offered at their high schools. Students who wish to begin college study at the conclusion of the junior year may do so under a special enrollment plan. The student must demonstrate the ability to benefit from entering college earlier by meeting the following criteria:

  • A high school diploma is not required at at time of application. However, we require you to make arrangements to receive either a diploma from your high school by the end of your freshman year at Allegheny, or a General Education Diploma (GED). Without a high school diploma or GED, students cannot receive federal financial aid.
  • Obtaining a letter from the high school principal or senior administrator indicating full understanding and approval of the Early Admissions plan.
  • Enclosing a one-page letter with the application for admission that explains why the applicant desires early enrollment.
  • Interviewing with a member of the admissions staff to discuss the particulars of such an enrollment plan.