Welcome, Class of 2027!

You’re Allegheny Bound, and we’re very excited that you have decided to become a Gator. Allegheny Bound is a three part program that will help ease your transition to Allegheny College.

Part One: Summer Orientation
This two day on campus, orientation program will occur during the summer and will allow you to get acquainted with Allegheny College, meet new friends and learn about all that Allegheny has to offer you this fall including academics, finding your community, and setting you up for success this Fall.

Part Two: First-Year Course Registration
Create your schedule and get a personalized virtual advising appointment with an Allegheny Faculty member in July.   

Part Three: Gator Week of Welcome
Gator Week of Welcome is a week-long event at Allegheny College that combines academic and social programming to help new and returning students kick off the new academic year.