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Returning to campus for living & learning

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, details of the College re-opening, campus operations policies and other important information.

Public Health guidelines and knowledge about COVID-19 continue to evolve. The College’s Return to Campus Plan and information on this site will be updated to reflect the most current information available to us.

Weekly Testing Center Hours

Wise COVID-19 Testing Center hours

Appointment with Navica on the concourse level.

  • Monday, June 27 – 9am-4:45pm (Summer Move In)
  • Tuesday, June 28 – 9am-12:45pm
  • Wednesday, June 29 – 9am-12:45pm
  • Thursday, June 30 – 9am-12:45pm
  • Friday, July 1 – 9am-12:45pm

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What a stellar community!

May 4th 2022

Dear Allegheny College Campus Community, Bravo, Gators! You have turned the recent uptick in cases into a bump in the road. Look at our numbers — rephrase — look at YOUR numbers: 8 students tested positive today 1 employee tested positive today 82 students and 6 employees are currently isolating secondary to COVID-19. Most will [...]

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Case Dashboard — Spring 2022 Data Updated: 05/13/22

The last dashboard update for the 2021–22 academic year was on May 13, 2022, as students begin to move out during finals week and there are fewer students on campus during the summer. We will restart updates in mid-August 2022 when students return.


Active Cases


Positive Tests
Since January 3, 2022


Off-Campus Positive Tests
Since January 3, 2022



Active Cases


Positive Tests
Since January 3, 2022


Off-Campus Positive Tests
Since January 3, 2022



In Allegheny-Provided Isolation Housing


Available Isolation Beds


Allegheny Testing Overview

7-Day Total

Cumulative tests for the last 7 testing days reported below; testing takes place Monday–Friday.
Weekly Completed Tests


Allegheny College
Percent Positive Results


Crawford County
Percent Positive Results


Percent Positive Results


United States
Percent Positive Results


Completed Tests to Date
Since August 10, 2021


ACHA is intermittently testing potential campus visitors and other community members who are not directly involved in campus activities. When those persons test positive for COVID-19, they are listed as part of the Crawford County positivity rate. They will not appear as part of our Allegheny College community.


Testing Strategy
All students and employees were tested for COVID-19 in the two weeks leading up to the first day of class. We plan to test the entire Allegheny community every two weeks.

Lag Time
Current lag time for test results is generally 2 to 3 days from day of test with a few tests taking longer to return. In March, we will start rapid testing on campus and be reporting both the number of tests administered and the percent positive the next day.

Active Cases
“Active Cases” reflect students currently in isolation with a positive diagnostic test result and employees currently not reporting to work because of a positive diagnostic test result. These case counts include all students and employees who received positive tests and are in isolation, independent of whether the test was administered on campus or off.

Positive Tests to Date
“Positive Tests” includes results from tests administered by Allegheny, as well as positive test results reported to us by students or faculty who were tested at off-campus facilities.

Allegheny-Administered Tests
“Allegheny-Administered Tests” includes both the at-home sampling tests students and employees used before returning to campus and tests administered on campus.

Off-Campus Tests
“Off-Campus Tests” reflects tests of community members currently on campus who received a COVID-19 test not administered by Allegheny College.

Percent Positive
Percent positives is the percentage of Allegheny-administered tests that were positive. We do not know how many tests were administered to students or employees off-campus, so we cannot report the percentage of such tests that were positive, although in the interest of transparency, we do include the count of positive tests from off campus in our count of Positive Tests to Date.