Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the admissions criteria? 


A holistic approach is taken in the review of applications.  While both the rigor of classes and academic performance are critical, other important factors include extracurricular involvement, letters of recommendation, personal essays, English proficiency, demonstrated interest, and SAT/ACT scores if submitted.  Your admissibility is about more than academics.  We’re looking for students who aspire to make a difference in the campus community and whose core values align with the College’s.

Q: Do international students need to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission?


International students do not need to submit SAT or SAT scores.  Allegheny is test optional and has been for 6 years.  Please note, you will still receive the same consideration for merit-based scholarships even if you choose not to submit your test scores.  Applications are holistically reviewed as noted above.  Please submit your scores if your results are an accurate reflection of your academic abilities.

Q: What are the average SAT and ACT scores for international students?


The average SAT score was 1300.  Not enough applicants submitted ACT scores to get a strong representative sample.

Q: What is the acceptance rate?


The acceptance rate for international students was 54 percent for the 2019-2020 application cycle.

Q: Where do I need to send my high school transcripts and test scores?


Please upload them via the portal you use to upload your application: Allegheny Application or Common Application or Coalition Application.

Q: Can I have my TOEFL or IELTS scores waived?


Yes, you can if you meet any of the conditions on the English Waiver.  Please review and complete the English Waiver and email it to

Q: Does Allegheny College offer interviews?


Interviews are highly encouraged.  Demand is highest from November to March, so please be aware that you may need to wait one week.  Priority will be given to students who have submitted their applications along with the International Certification of Finance and bank statements.

Q: Can I defer my offer of admission?


Yes, students that wish to defer their enrollment at Allegheny College may do so for up to two years after admission.

Q: How can I visit campus virtually/in person?


To schedule a visit to campus or visit campus online please visit


Costs, Tuition, and Scholarships

Q: What is the total cost of attendance?


For details please visit

Q: Are scholarships available for international students? If so, does Allegheny College offer full-tuition scholarships?


International students and U.S. students are eligible for the same merit-based scholarships of up to $38,000  per year, which are guaranteed for four years of study.  Like U.S. students, international applicants are automatically considered for scholarships during the application review stage.  If a scholarship is awarded, the this information will be included in the acceptance letter.  Please note that full-tuition scholarships are not possible, but Allegheny does offer limited need-based aid for international students, which applicants can inquire about after they have been accepted.

Q: How can I get a job on campus?


To work on campus you should complete a job application and submit it to the supervisor of the job. To find more about on-campus jobs please refer to the site

Q: How do I complete my International Student Certification of Finances form? 


The Certification of Finances can be found herePlease note the log-in information needed to complete this form is only provided after you submit your application.   We advise applicants to be aware that the College has a need-aware policy when it comes to assessing the admissibility of its international applicants.


Visa Requirements

Q: What are the visa requirements for international students?


First, you will need to obtain (1) a passport from your country of citizenship. Next, you’ll use (2) the SEVIS DS-2019 that has been mailed to you by Allegheny College to obtain (3) a J-1 visa at the appropriate U.S. Consulate in your home country.  After you have made your deposit, the Office of International Education will contact you to guide you through the visa application process.

Q: How and when Do I receive the I-20?


All international shipments go through the eShip Global shipping service. For more details please visit


Majors and Academics

Q: What majors, minors, and other programs are offered at Allegheny College?


Allegheny College offers a wide range of majors and minors! At Allegheny, students choose a minor that has a different focus from their major. To explore combinations of majors and minors, find Allegheny graduates that have chosen similar focuses, and see what they have done with their education, please visit 

for additional information on these programs please visit

Q: May I apply to Allegheny College with an undeclared major? When must I declare a major?


Yes, you can. Students will need to declare a major and minor no later than the middle of the second semester of the sophomore year.

Q: How large are the classes?


There are usually around 18 students in introductory classes and around 12 in upper-level classes, but it also depends on the program/course.

Q: What are the graduation requirements?


To graduate, you must successfully complete 128 semester credit hours of coursework. All students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in each major and minor as well as an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. For more information please visit


Housing, Student Organizations, and Campus Life

Q: Are students required to live on campus?


Yes, students are required to live on campus for the duration of their studies at Allegheny College.

Q: What housing options are offered to international students?


To view the full list of housing options please visit

Students may also apply for special interest housing, including the Max Kade International Wing.   For more information please visit

Additionally, students may request to have an international roommate when filling out their housing form.

Q: What meal plan options are offered at Allegheny College? 


To view the list of meal plans please visit /

Q: What clubs and organizations are there on campus?


To find the list of clubs and organizations please visit

International students might particularly be interested in the International Club.  For more information please visit

Q: Where is Allegheny College located and what activities can one pursue on and off campus?


Allegheny College is located in northwestern Pennsylvania. The nearest airports to Allegheny College are in Erie and Pittsburgh. The campus is perched on a hill overlooking Meadville.  For more information about life in Meadville please visit

For an Interactive map of Meadville and more information on student life please visit

For information regarding annual on-campus events and traditions please visit


More Information From Admissions and Students

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