Gap Year and Deferment

In some cases, students may wish to defer their enrollment at Allegheny for a year, up to two years after admission. We want to assist when considering that option.

If you decide to defer your matriculation to Allegheny for a year, please follow these steps:

  • Submit your enrollment deposit by May 1
  • Complete our deferral form, which the details of your plans for the gap year, by May 15
  • You will need to verify on the deferral that you will not enroll in a degree-granting program at another institution or apply to other colleges during your time off. Should you do so, you may have to reapply as a transfer student.
    You must get in touch with Shaqueline Oberdoerster, Transfer Admissions Coordinator, to discuss options.
  • Global Citizen Year Partnership

    Global Citizen Year.logo

    Applicants to Allegheny College who are interested in pursuing a pre-college gap year are encouraged to consider the following opportunity.

    Allegheny College partners with Global Citizen Year to offer an 8-month global immersion and leadership training program in one of the following four locations: Brazil, Ecuador, India or Senegal. Allegheny/Global Citizen Year Fellows live with a host family and apprentice to a local organization working in education, health or sustainability. This approach is aligned with Allegheny’s mission to educate and inspire engaged global citizens.

    If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please consult Global Citizen Year’s website for application materials and upcoming deadlines. If you indicate on your application that you are also applying to Allegheny College, Global Citizen Year will fast track your application, guarantee you a final interview, and consider you for the available pool of need-based financial aid. They will also inform Allegheny Admissions when your application to Global Citizen Year is complete.

    If you are accepted to both Allegheny College and Global Citizen Year, our Admissions team will defer both your admission offer and financial aid package for one year to allow you to participate in this transformative year of cross-cultural immersion and self-discovery. We will also give you special consideration for Allegheny’s Global Citizen Scholars program when you arrive on campus.

    Financial Aid

    If you have received need-based financial-aid award from Allegheny as part of your acceptance, you will need to re-submit the FAFSA next year. It is unlikely that your financial-aid package will change unless your family’s financial circumstances change significantly during your gap year. If you have received a Trustee Scholarship that will still be available once your Allegheny enrollment begins.