Gap Year and Deferment

In some cases, students may wish to defer their enrollment at Allegheny for a year. We want to assist when considering that option.

If you decide to defer your matriculation to Allegheny for a year, please follow these steps:

  • Submit your enrollment deposit by May 1
  • Complete our deferral form, which the details of your plans for the gap year, by May 15
  • You will need to verify on the deferral that you will not enroll in a degree-granting program at another institution or apply to other colleges during your time off. Should you do so, you may have to reapply as a transfer student.
    You must get in touch with Suzyn-Elayne Soler, Transfer Admissions Coordinator, to discuss options.
  • Financial Aid

    If you have received need-based financial-aid award from Allegheny as part of your acceptance, you will need to re-submit the FAFSA next year. It is unlikely that your financial-aid package will change unless your family’s financial circumstances change significantly during your gap year. If you have received a Trustee Scholarship that will still be available once your Allegheny enrollment begins.