Transfer Students

Info for students of Notre Dame College and Birmingham-Southern College
Allegheny College is committed to assisting students from Notre Dame College and Birmingham-Southern College that wish to transfer and complete their education here. You can begin the process by applying and contacting Mandy Pawling, our transfer coordinator. Scholarships are guaranteed for any of these students who transfer to Allegheny.


We welcome students to discover (or, perhaps, rediscover) Allegheny after beginning their undergraduate education elsewhere.

The Allegheny admissions staff is pleased to consider transfer students for both fall and spring semesters, understanding that a student may not have found an ideal fit at his/her current school. If you’d like additional guidance throughout your application process, feel free to contact Transfer Coordinator at

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Transfer Courses and Requirements

  • A 2.5+ is preferred. If applicable, a GPA as computed by a two-year college, with or without an associate degree, will be accepted.
  • The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer is 64, which is 50% of the credits required for graduation.
  • Only credits with a grade of C or better are transferable in acceptable courses.
  • The Registrar’s Office evaluates all credits for transfer after the student has been accepted to Allegheny; transcripts can be evaluated prior to submitting a formal application by special request.
  • A transfer student with an associate degree may be able to receive a baccalaureate degree in two years. The degree path chosen and applicability of prior coursework will be significant determining factors in the duration of the bachelor’s degree.
  • Some credits earned by examination may be accepted, i.e. CLEP [general subject], pass-fail, armed services.
  • It is preferred that a transfer student have the same high school classes required of entering freshmen. These may be satisfied by college courses and possibly accepted towards a baccalaureate degree.
  • Technical courses will not be transferred for credit.
  • Merit-based scholarships up to $42,000 are available for eligible transfer students enrolling for Fall 2024.
  • Housing is guaranteed for eligible transfer students.