Home-Schooled Applicants

Home-schooled students bring a distinctive perspective to the Allegheny community with each unique experience and background. We believe these experiences fit so well with Allegheny’s approach to cultivating combinations of interests, skills and talents. If you’d like additional guidance throughout your application process, feel free to contact the Home-School Admissions Counselor.

Counselor Session

Get a glimpse into life at Allegheny, and the exceptional experiences we provide for students, through in-person and online visits. All home-schooled students interested in admission are highly encouraged to schedule a counselor session to help us better understand your distinctive educational experience. Schedule a campus visit or contact the Home-School Admissions Counselor for a virtual counselor session.

Application Process

We use the same criteria to evaluate all applicants for admissions; however, we also recognize the distinctive academic experiences of home-schooled applicants. An application for a home-schooled student will be considered complete when Allegheny has received the following information.

Allegheny Application – or – Common Application
– or – The Coalition Application
We want you to choose the application that is right for you. We treat all three applications equally and there is no application fee required.

The CEEB code for home-schooled students is 970000.

If using The Coalition or Common Application, be sure to add Allegheny to your list of schools and submit once you have completed all sections of your profile and college specific questions.

All other credentials should be submitted via the same system as your application (e.g. if you submit the Allegheny Application, your Teacher Recommendation cannot be requested/submitted via the Common App website and must be done via the Allegheny Application Portal or in person).

Please note, online applications may not perform adequately with older web browsers like Internet Explorer 11.

Required Materials

Personal Essay

As part of either application listed above, your essay is an opportunity to express your individual creativity and personal qualities to the admission and scholarship committees. Please review the suggested topics and submit a carefully-composed essay.

Narrative High School Transcript

Provide a transcript from the home-school program and a detailed syllabus of your academic coursework. Your narrative transcript should include all of the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your home-school (if applicable), address, and phone number
  • Your high school course list ordered by year (grades 9-12)
  • The institution where each class was taken (i.e. homeschool, online institution, community college)
  • The grade scale being used in your homeschool
  • Your overall GPA
  • Credits given per course (listed per semester and per year)
  • Expected graduation date
  • Parent signature with a date

The narrative transcript should include both your home-schooled classes and any classes you’ve taken at an outside institution. Additionally, an official transcript must also be submitted for any college coursework completed. Please review the following examples of narrative transcripts for further clarification.
Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3

Guidance or Primary Instructor/Evaluator Letter of Recommendation

We ask that you submit a letter of recommendation from the primary instructor/evaluator of your home-school program. This letter should come from the person who has been most responsible for your academic learning, and who can highlight your academic abilities (this person is often, but not always a parent or guardian).
Send email request via Coalition (only if applying via Coalition Application)
Send email request via Common Application (only if applying via Common App)
Download and request in person

Letter of Recommendation from Non-Family Member

A second letter of recommendation should be submitted from someone outside your family who can evaluate your talents and strengths. Examples include: pastor/priest/clergy person, employer, educational instructor, or coach.
Download and request in person

Optional Materials

Standardized Tests

Submit Your SATs | Submit Your ACTs

Allegheny encourages home-school applicants to take either the SAT or ACT no later than January of the final year of high school. Please forward the test results directly to Allegheny College. The College will use the SAT Critical Reasoning and Math subsections, and less so the Writing subsection for admission evaluation. If you do not submit ACT or SAT scores an admissions interview may be required.


Please call us at 1-800-521-5293.