Tuition & Fees

Tuition 2021 – 2022

Full-Time Fall & Spring


per semester

Part-Time Fall & Spring


per credit

2021 Summer


per credit

Basic Fees & Charges 2021 – 2022

Fee/Charge Per Semester Per Year
Tuition $25,955 $51,910
Residence Hall – Double
Other rooms available
$3,540 $7,080
Meals – Plan B
Other plans available
$3,170 $6,340
Health Center Fee $185 $370
Student Activities Fee $125 $250
Student Health Insurance
– May be waived if the student has adequate health insurance coverage that is valid for the Meadville area.
– The online agreement is available in Self Service from May – August and must be completed by August 31 every year.  If not completed, students are automatically enrolled and charged for the insurance coverage.
Billed Fall of Academic Year

$1,780 (full year)

Total $32,975 $67,730

Other Possible Fees

Fee Amount/Notes
Administrative Fee – Off-Campus Programs
An administrative fee is charged to each student who elects to study on an approved off-campus program.
$300 Per Semester
Auxiliary Cancellation Fee
Failure to confirm a change to remote status by the stated deadline will result in the Auxiliary Cancellation Fee.  Students who take a leave of absence or withdrawal from on-campus learning will also be assessed this fee.
Book Store
Students may order all of their textbooks online and have them shipped to the College’s Post Office or another address.  Go to to get started. 
$400 – $800
(Varies per courses taken)
Campus Center Fees
The Campus Center’s Game Room houses a collection of approximately 1400 DVD movie titles. Movies are free to sign out for a period of 48 hours with the student’s AllCard. After 48 hours, a fine of $2 per movie per day is assessed. Students who are late returning movies are sent late-return reminders. If movies are not returned after 9 days, a $33 per movie replacement cost (inclusive of late fines) is assessed. Students may pay their fines in the Student Leadership and  Involvement Office, located on the third floor of the Campus Center, throughout the semester. Fines unpaid by the end of the semester are submitted to Financial Services where they are applied to the student billing account. If you have a question regarding a Campus Center Fine/Fee, contact the Student Leadership and Involvement Office at (814) 332-2754
Movie Rental Late Fees; Lost Movies
Cooperative Program Fee
A processing fee of $50 for a two-year program and $25 for a one-year program is charged upon application to each student who applies for enrollment in a Cooperative Program (a 3-2 or 3-1 program). This fee helps to offset the costs of special record maintenance, correspondence, and transfer credit. All accounts must be in good standing before approval for the application will be given.
$25 – 1 yr
$50 – 2 yrs
Course Auditing Fee
Full-time students may audit additional courses with the permission of the instructor. Other individuals must: (1) obtain the permission of the instructor and of the Office of Admissions, (2) list their intention to audit the course with the Financial Services Office, and (3) pay a fee equal to one-half of the semester course fee. Non-degree seeking students auditing courses are responsible for any special laboratory or damage fee, but will not be charged Required Fees.
1/2 of course fee
No charge for full time student
Dorm Damage Fee
When a student moves out of a residence hall, apartment or College-owned house, his or her room is inspected for damage. An administrator on the Residence Life staff inspects the living space and completes a Room Condition Report, which details any damage. If the damage is assessed, the student receives a copy of the Room Condition Report and the charge is added to the student’s account. If you have a question regarding a Dorm Damage Fee, contact the Residence Life Office at (814) 332-3865.
Early Arrival/Late Departure
Any student moving into their assigned residence hall, apartment or College owned housing prior to their scheduled arrival date will be assessed a fee.  Any student not departing from their residence hall, apartment or College owned housing by the required departure date will be assessed a fee.
Finance Charge
All student financial obligations more than 30 days past due will be assessed a late fee of 1.25% per month or the highest rate permitted by applicable law on the unpaid balance. Should you anticipate difficulty in meeting a payment deadline, please contact Financial Services prior to the deadline to discuss possible alternatives. Financial Services can be reached at 1-800-376-7075.
1.25% Monthly
Independent Study Program Fee
An administrative study fee is charged to each student who elects to participate in an Independent Study Program.  More information
$800 per Semester
Insufficient Funds
When a check is returned unpaid for any reason, the insufficient funds fine will be charged to the student’s account.
$30 Each Occurrence
Library Fine
Overdue reminders, recall notices and hold notices are sent to students via email or directly to the student’s campus post office box. Students who have questions regarding these notices are encouraged to reply to the email address or to contact the library. The replacement cost of items is assessed when held longer than 50 days after the due date. If you have a question regarding a library fine, contact Pelletier Library at (814) 332-3768
Late Fees; Lost Books, etc.
Lost Card Fee
If a student ID card is lost or damaged, the student must report the issue to the Office of Safety and Security. The card is canceled and a new card is issued upon receipt of payment.
$25 Each Occurrence
Lost Key Fee
If you lose your resident hall key, you should report this to the Office of Residence Life and/or Public Safety as soon as possible. For non-resident hall keys, please immediately notify the office that issued the key. If keys are lost, stolen, or not returned, you will be charged the lost key fee per key to cover the cost of lock changes. Failure to return College keys within 24 hours of moving out will result in an improper checkout charge equal to the lost key charge. Additionally, College keys should not be reproduced; this is subject to conduct action including a $500 fine.
$125 Each Occurrence
Music Lessons Fee
Upon registering for individual music-instruction studio classes (voice, organ, piano, orchestral instruments, etc.), the music fee (based on a weekly half-hour or hour lesson) is assessed. If you have been billed for music lessons and are no longer planning to receive them, the lesson(s) must be dropped through the Registrar’s Office via an add/drop card. If you believe a Music Lesson Fee is appearing on your account in error, first check your schedule on WebAdvisor to see if the lesson is still on your schedule. If it is, it will be necessary to obtain an Add/Drop card from the Registrar’s Office, 210 Bentley Hall. If the lesson no longer appears on your schedule, please contact Financial Services at 1-800-376-7075, or in Schultz Hall.
$300 Per Credit
Parking Fines
Parking Fines are assessed by Public Safety and charged to the student’s account. Students have three days to appeal a parking ticket. Appeals will be reviewed at the end of the semester.   If you have a question regarding a Parking Fine, contact the Office of Public Safety at (814) 332-3357
Parking Permit Fee
Students can request a parking permit in Self Service and pick up the sticker at the Public Safety Office located in Murray Hall . The Office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
$200 Per Year