Student Refunds

Refund of Excessive Financial Aid (Title IV)

Title IV funding is federal aid for eligible students who have completed and submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Title IV funding derives from any of the following sources:  Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Federal Direct Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Loans or Federal Direct PLUS Loans.

Allegheny will automatically refund all credit balances that are a result of an excess of Title IV federal financial aid within two weeks of the first day of the semester or two weeks from the date the aid was credited to the student’s account; whichever is later.  Refund checks as a result of Title IV financial aid will be made payable to the student and will be mailed to the student’s home address on file.

Current Student Refund Requests

Credit balances that are not a result of an excess of Title IV financial aid are not automatically refunded and will remain on the student’s account until the student requests the refund.

How to check your Account Balance:  The student billing account balance can be viewed online by logging into Self ServiceInstructions to view your account balance and see an Student Billing Statement in Self Service.

How to request a Refund:   Log into Self Service.  Select Student Finance then Refund to Student.

I have a monthly Payment Plan and a credit balance on my account:  Students with a current payment plan and a credit balance may amend their payment plan to account for the overpayment.  No refund is available for a credit balance when there is an active payment plan with an outstanding balance.  To make a change to your payment plan, please log into your Nelnet Campus Commerce account or call Nelnet directly at (800)609-8056.

How to Reduce Your Debt:  Once you have received your refund check, you can use these funds to pay all or a portion of your federal student loan debt by logging into with your FSA ID.  Your servicing agency will be available on your dashboard.  If you have a private loan, you can contact your lender directly.  Contact ECSI for an Allegheny Loan at (888) 549-3274.

We are committed to assisting you in meeting your financial needs at Allegheny College.  We are available by calling (800) 376-7075 or by emailing

Leave or Withdrawal Refunds

Withdrawal and Leave of Absence policies and guidelines can be found at the Dean of Students website.

If you withdraw before the beginning of the semester:

Deposit Refunds for students withdrawing between semesters:

  • Pre-matriculation deposit is held until the student graduates or withdraws from the College unless it was applied as a payment on your first semester bill.
  • The student must notify the Office of the Dean of Students in writing and follow the procedure published on the Dean of Students website if he or she intends to withdraw from the College.
  • DEADLINES: The Office of the Dean of Students must be notified by July 1 prior to the start of the fall semester, and by one week prior to the first official day of classes for the spring semester to receive the full net pre-matriculation deposit.
    • Failure to give such notification by these deadlines results in the forfeiture of the deposit unless it was applied on your first semester bill.
    • Any remaining balance of the deposit held by the College (after any outstanding charges have been deducted) is refundable after graduation or withdrawal from the College unless it was applied to your first semester billing statement. The deposit cannot be applied to your balance due before graduation or withdrawal from the College.

If you take a leave or withdraw during the semester:

  • Refunds on all charges including tuition, room, and board will be prorated per diem, based on the academic calendar, up to the 60% point in the semester.
  • There are no refunds after the 60% point in the semester.
  • A $600 cancellation fee for room move out and restoration will be assessed to each student that resided in a residence hall or other college housing at any point after the official start date of the semester.  This does not apply to students who leave or withdraw after the 60% point of the semester.
  • Financial Aid implications are posted on Allegheny’s Financial Aid website.
  • Students will not receive a refund until all charges and financial aid prorations have been finalized.
    • In some cases, the student may still carry a balance after the prorations are calculated and financial aid awards are returned to the programs as required by federal regulations. For this reason, students contemplating withdrawing during a semester are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Services Office at and the Financial Aid Office at prior to formally withdrawing.  Payment will be due 30 days after notification of the balance.
    • Credit balances on the student’s account will be refunded approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the student separates from the college.


*Withdrawal from a course after the drop period has ended does not result in a proration of tuition or refund