Past Due Accounts & Policies

Past Due Accounts

Monthly finance charge of 1.25% will be added to accounts that are past due.

Students who carry a past due balance will not be permitted to register for class until their student billing account is paid in full and the payment clears according to the Student Account Payment Policy.

Signed diplomas will be held for graduating seniors until the account is paid in full. 


Fall Semester Spring Semester Action This Means:
September February Transcript Hold Student will not be able to receive a transcript
September February Registration Hold Student will not be able to register for next semester classes.


Student Account Payment Policy

Students must have all financial aid in place and account paid in full by the due date for their account to be satisfied.  All accounts not satisfied are considered past due.  (View Payment Options.)

Payment is cleared after 6 business days for check and electronic check payments. Payments made by credit card, cash, cashier’s check, and wire will be cleared within 48 hours during business days.

Fine Policy

Financial Services cannot remove or reduce fines that were placed on a student’s account from other Allegheny departments. Please contact the appropriate department in case of dispute.

Financial Holds Policy

A transcript hold restricting students from receiving an official transcript and a registration hold restricting students from registering for classes will be placed on all students with a past due balance.

Registration and transcript holds will be removed after payment has cleared and in accordance with the Student Account Payment Policy.

Collection Policy

Any costs incurred in the collection of a delinquent account, including collection agency fees, attorney fees and other charges, will be added to the amount due.

Once an account is reported to collection agencies it will not be removed from collection until the account is satisfied

Debt Forgiveness Policy

Allegheny Financial Services does not forgive any charges or balances of tuition, room, board and required fees.  Students must follow the Fine Policy to ask for forgiveness of fines on their student account.

PNC Card Linking

Students and employees with a PNC checking account have the option to link their Allegheny ID card to their checking account to enable the debit card feature on the ID card.  This feature is only a debit card and does not have credit card functionality.

To comply with the Department of Education CM Agreement, all students and employees who would like to link their ID card to their PNC checking account must electronically sign the “PNC Card Linking Authorization” available on WebAdvisor/Self Service.   All students and employees who were linked prior to July 1, 2016 are grandfathered into this regulation and are not required to sign.

Students and employees who wish to reverse the authorization and remove card linking must email Financial Service at for processing and notify the local PNC Bank office at 814-337-1900.

Perkins Loans

Allegheny has no authority to modify or forgive a Perkins loan.  A Perkins loan is a governmental loan.  Students can apply for a forbearance or deferment. Forms are available at

A transcript hold restricting students from obtaining an official transcript will be placed on all student who default on their Perkins loan.  The hold will be removed once the loan is made current.

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